Mind Empowerment for 2013 and beyond

we are all bio engineered with the capacity to let the heart do the talking and the mind do its' walking."When I first registered the domain mind power coach.com, the term 'mind power' made perfect sense to me. Surely everybody wants more empowerment and are willing to challenge their thinking in order to become more enlightened, more confident and to be able to over come their obstacles.

In workshops, I would go on and on about how to increase mind power with enough success for me to keep persisting. However, it was not until the year 2010 that I came to realize the importance of a comprehensive or detailed purpose. Purpose in every aspect of life, including health, emotional well-being, finance, career or business and especially relationships.The ability to connect to a detailed purpose gives our mental power direction and an important job to do.

We know when our heart's in it, it makes all the difference. We know that a job or a project is only going to be as good as the brief. If the mind is not giving a quality brief, it naturally defaults to whatever purpose we were conditioned to live for. This default purpose often encompasses general health, a nice car, marriage, house, kids and annual holidays. There is nothing wrong with that if this is what your heart desires. One way to check if you are on track with your true purpose is how inspired and content you are with your journey. The journey can be as sweet as the destination.

It's how you can be assured of arriving at the destination and not be physically and emotionally depleted by the time you arrive.Mind power without a detailed purpose makes a great difference to the journey. What condition you arrive in determines the quality of the overall experience and achievement. How many times have you experienced or heard people say, "is that it? I worked so hard for this? This is not what I expected." It makes no sense that we work hard and strive to achieve something and after all that work, we end up disappointed and disillusioned.

This helps explain the 'money can't buy you happiness' cliche. It is a conflict of interest hearing it from wealthy people. They can't meaningfully talk about it because they already have money. Jamie Packer's interview on '60 Minutes' was revealing in the sense that he struggled with failure. He was disappointment and isolated even though his luxury needs were far from being compromised. He even admitted that while his life has been difficult, he would not swap his financial position with anyone.

Over the last century, abundance and wealth has been associated with financial status, thereby distracting us from identifying and investing into the opportunities that are highly enriching. Those opportunities are relationships and adventure. Jamie Packer was reduced to tears when he explained how Tom Cruise reached out to him because acts of compassion and caring create extraordinary relationships. We have seen people spend their personal fortunes on medical bills to save their loved ones from suffering to a terminal disease. Purpose has either become the focus or it is growing in popularity for the personal development industry.

It is no longer acceptable to leave the awareness of meaningful goals to the person seeking help. If goals were based on purpose, you would be surprised how much of someone's empowerment is naturally ignited. You can't just ask someone, "What are your goals?" Most of the time their goals are founded on obligation or lack the details that can inspire them into action. From over 100 clients over the past 2 years, spending 2 hours per week for 7 weeks in my E.P 7 Empowered for Purpose life-coaching program, I have witnessed two significant shifts. The first is coming to terms with how we are bio engineered with the capacity to be extraordinary.

How 7 billion people on the planet are all equipped the same way. Secondly, how much of that capacity becomes relevant and accessible once we became intimate with our purpose for good health, emotional well-being, relationships, roles and purpose based goals.The signature essence (the uniqueness) of someone can finally be expressed when that empowerment is turned on. What I found interesting was that, it would not get switched on beyond the survival level until we finally sit with the 'why' and detail the 'what' before the 'how' becomes relevant.

I used to hold the theory that genius is in everyone. I now hold the firm view that genius is also unique to each person. The formula to tap into your genius is empowerment + your signature essence = your genius expression. Genius is not a label or tangible title you can give to yourself. It is a subjective view held by someone deeply inspired by your actions or innovations. If they feel compelled to label you with being a genius, then that is just feedback. What's happening is that you are being appreciated in a profound way. That feedback is indeed wonderful because your purpose was to make a difference to yourself and others in a meaningful and rewarding way. There is so much I could explore with mind empowerment beyond 2013. Many modalities focus on reducing stress and helping you balance your life and get clearer on what you want.

The personal development programs and tools that help ignite and expand your imagination as well as trust and develop your intuition for the sake of connecting and living your purpose, is where I see it going from here. Your purpose can only be as inspiring as your imagination and realistically achievable through your intuition. No matter how good the strategy, if you haven't connected to your signature essence and built a purpose from your true self, you will continue to procrastinate and sabotage that strategy in the most exotic ways. We are born with imagination and intuition, but these are not abilities that mainstream society is structured to nurture and develop.

In fact, the opposite happens. Reclaiming them is a key part of empowering the mind. Furthermore, heart has a lot more influence on your actions and feelings. Science and the personal development industry are beginning to explore this further. The Institute of Heart Math do a marvelous job of showing the power and intelligence of the heart. I often say, let the heart be your master and your mind be its' servant. Albert Einstein put it well when he said,"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."Our empowerment isreduced when we define the intellect as intelligence.

Analyzing complex problems makes up only one part of intelligence. At best, we can only optimise our future based on our past experiences if we rely on analysis alone. The great realisations, epiphanies and breakthroughs come from quantum leaps of understanding thatoccur thanks to an active imagination and guided by intuition. Empowering the mind must continue to expand from IQ and even EQ. Emotional Intelligence (IE or EQ) as a form of intelligence, has come a long way in being accepted by businesses and it has paved the way for improved human communication and relationships.

Now, we are poised for something much greater; a level of empowerment and vision that will align the human race with nature in a sustainable and abundant way. The mind can be turned on to envisage an extraordinary life and be intuitive about how to make a harmonious and sustainable global community possible. Our heart-based purpose can engage everything we do because its naturally motivated to serve one another. I believe an increasing number of people from around the world are already committing to personally and collectively developing the level of holistic intelligence required for fulfillinghumanity's purpose. After all, we are all bio engineered with the capability to let the heart do the talking and the mind do its' walking.From 2013 on wards, one would like to hope that it's all about being empowered for humanity's purpose to align with truth and love.

Author Bio
George Helou is a Perth life coach based in East Perth and the founder of the EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching System. He is also an author, motivational speaker and personal development trainer.

George Helou is a Perth life coach based in East Perth and the founder of the EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching System. He is also an author, motivational speaker and personal development trainer.
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