Memory Training You’ll Love

Memory training is quite straightforward. Following the simple idea expressed in this article will give a boost to the memory power of people in all walks of life and all ages. Intense desire on the part of the reader, coupled with attention and repetition, will solidify that person's memory.

It is suggested that the exercise be discussed with friends and other members of the family. This will help to make a game of improving your memory and will rub off on those with whom you come in contact. In one short evening's time and with a little bit of practice you can become a person with an enviable memory. Good luck! I know you can do it!

A DAY NEVER PASSES that someone of you does not say, "I have the worst memory in the world." If you really feel this deficiency, with a little effort you can do something about it. I propose to show you how.

Example: When arising in the morning, you realize that certain errands must be accomplished before nightfall. These may include:
Purchasing a pound of bacon,
a package of tape,
a box of matches,
a bouquet of flowers,
a bottle of ink,
a flashlight,
a jar of mustard,
a mousetrap;
Getting your glasses adjusted,
Paying the telephone bill.

Now that you have read these items, see how many you can remember without looking back. Write the errands down, if you wish. The average person remembers six or seven. If you did not recall all ten, then you probably desire to proceed to learn how to get a better result.

To commence your memory training, this time re-read the list, but do it in the following manner. Group the items as you come to them. Visualize a pound package of sliced bacon with lighted matches standing between the slices. The entire package is held together by a large adhesive tape. This looks rather strange, but in the strangeness of it lies an important clue toward the ability to recall at once almost anything that you care to remember.

Next, visualize a beautiful bouquet of flowers standing alongside the previous package. Standing by the flowers is a good friend holding a flashlight over the flowers. As the person tilts the light an amazing thing happens: jet black ink comes from the flashlight and pours all over the lovely bouquet. Some of the ink spatters on the bacon. Now, you have two groups of items. Let us add a third.

As you are wondering how to clean up the mess you hear a loud snap and, glancing around, you see a mousetrap closed over your eyeglasses. It has broken a lens. The lens has been smeared with mustard. Just as you are reaching for the mousetrap, you hear a tinkling sound and are startled to find coins falling out of your telephone.

Now the articles are grouped by three's, with the additional odd item of the telephone rounding out the things that you are trying to remember. Turn away from the page and see how many items you can recall. You should remember ten. If you do, then I have proved to you that with a little imagination, you can easily improve your memory. Memory training can be fun and very effective.

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