Memory Training book review | Moonwalking With Einstein Josh Foer

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    • avatar amir hossein mousavi 1

      I'm a medical student . i have to study all the time everyday . i have to learn and memorize hundreds of names like names of drug , diseases …..
      I'm average in the class not good not bad and I'm sick of this . i wanna be the best
      i have few questions
      are these techniques useful for me? is it effective for me ? will it boost my memory in all aspects?
      if yes
      how can i learn it in fastest way ?
      i can spend all my summer for it
      thank you very very much

      • avatar Yan Amos 0

        Sir do u thin people can play chess with their minds by using mind palace??

        • avatar tommyhayes1979 1

          I'm interested in the black belt program but would appreciate an insight to your approach to Law.

          Law text is very technical and dense, what strategy would you use for this type of material.
          The issues I'm having: 1) A large volume of abstract keywords making it hard and time consuming to turn them into images.
          2) If there's 20 chapters with up to 50 images that's 1000 images per subject trying to do that for 5 subjects means a hell of a lot of memory palaces or journeys and I simply don't have that many journey's or palaces I can associate images with.

          Any insight much appreciated. I wholeheartedly believe there's a large market for tailoring strategies for specific subjects rather than one fits all approach.

          Many Thanks

          • avatar Angel Wxmal 2

            by the way you make excellent vids it's an honor!

            • avatar Angel Wxmal 0

              excellent ! which book do you recommend for a how to ?

              • avatar Mohsen Sedigh 1

                hi Ronnie
                thanks for sharing this video.
                I'm going to take a entrance university test 8 months later.these days I just read the materials, is this book useful for me or what do you recommend for me to read and take advantages of that accordingly.
                thank you in advance

                • avatar Stepan Tagalyan 0

                  HI, Ronnie you mentioned that Moonwalking With Einstein is not a memory practice book and you are quite right. What books would you recommend for memory practice to prepare for USA Memory Championship?

                  • avatar Matthew Furtney 1

                    just read it last week!