Meek Mill Says He Plays Drake’s “Back to Back’ Song for Motivation.. Believe him??

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    • avatar Hotboy La Flame 1

      Back to back was lame af

      • avatar Shane 0

        this isn't the first time he's been playing drake after the beef, he's highkey a drake fan

        • avatar LSM 1

          Meek Mill knows most people will blev anything they see on the Internet. He's the King of the Internet. My experience with most people is that they can't see past manipulation. Sad but that's the world we live n.

          • avatar Pretty Wavy 0

            meek mill lowkeey wants to be cool with drake again amd wamt a verse

            • avatar Head_Huncho 1

              Lol akademiks shut the fuck up the only line that came true was the Nikki line n you acting like he Nostradamus

              • avatar Jae Major 1

                that better as friends bar has to hurt😂😂 idgaf

                • avatar Tyriece Davis 1

                  I believe him, you can use a good diss as motivation.

                  • avatar DAT WAY 0

                    meek my fav rapper but he be doin bozo shit

                    • avatar Little Mister 0

                      akademiks the type of nigga to go to a std clinic after phone sex

                      • avatar Ceno3000 1

                        This y joe G check this lil nigga on the show yesterday he's to one sided

                        • avatar 4orce Majeure 1

                          Hahahah, Connect 4 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂