Living From Choice Seminar

Living From Choice Seminar
Event on 2017-06-23 10:00:00
The LFC Seminar is designed for those who are committed to creating “extraordinary” results in all areas of life whether it be in relationships, career, financial, health and/or happiness. It is a high-impact 3-day experiential workshop in which you will have the opportunity to observe your life style from a different perspective. You will uncover and recognize your hidden fears, self-limiting beliefs, behaviors and self-doubts and in doing so you will also discover your inner strengths. This ‘discovery’ allows you to distinguish how your decisions are made, redirect your way of thinking, gain positive insight through personal growth and learn how to “WIN in life.” Open new doors for your future and empower yourself to fully engage in your heartfelt commitments with total freedom and passion. Take the challenge to break the barriers in your life in order to be who you have always wanted to be. In the Living From Choice Seminar, you will experience a profound and distinct difference in your ability to relate so that you are freed up to create extraordinary relationships with yourself and others. It is highly likely that if you are considering LFC you are doing so because a family member, friend or colleague shared with you the difference it made in their life. Over 95% of the people who have attended these seminars have done so at the invitation of their family members and friends, whom have thanked them enthusiastically by the close of Sunday night in class. It is also likely that, while you sensed their enthusiasm and excitement for what they gained from the seminars, their explanation of what these seminars were about seemed vague and even possibly ambiguous. This is because they are attempting to describe something they had never experienced before, in terms that don't really give it justice. An example would be explaining what the best chocolate ice cream tastes like to someone who has never eaten ice cream. It boils down to one you trust the individual who asked you to attend? If the answer is "yes", then take a risk and go...after comes with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!! DISCOVER YOUR INNER POWER: Enhance Relationships Create Extraordinary Results Maximize Effectiveness Realize Your Dreams Freedom From Anxiety & Guilt Enhanced Creativity & Focus Generate More Money & Opportunities in Life

at Edwards Westpark 8 Cinema
3735 Alton Pkwy
Irvine, United States

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