Linkedin Training Course Sydney: a practical, hands-on, one day workshop

Linkedin Training Course Sydney: a practical, hands-on, one day workshop
Event on 2017-06-16 09:30:00
In this intensive one-day short course where we will step you through using Linkedin. It's live and in-person with an experienced educator - in a small class.  By the end, you'll have a better understanding of how to use Linkedin for marketing (for finding new business) and for your career (for boosting your online reputation or finding a new job.)    How we work   We provide:- a hands-on day (with your laptop) working to improve your Linkedin profile- fast, practical tips to help you use Linkedin more effectively- advice on using Linkedin strategically for business and marketing- brainstorming and writing to get you thinking and applying strategy   We also use: - examples of best practice - live online demonstrations - a plain English approach to teaching You’ll walk away with:- a better profile and better understanding of what you need to do- ideas and a plan for how to use Linkedin in future- class notes to take away- access to other useful learning resources (including videos on how to do it)- the confidence and inspiration to keep going after the course   What's in the course?    The big picture:What is Linkedin
, why use it, and who’s using it
How to maximise the effectiveness of Linkedin
How to search engine optimise your profile
The role of content marketing and thought leadership on LinkedinHow to generate sales leads using Linkedin How to maximise the effectiveness of Linkedin (by key features): Profile and Executive Summary – what to write and how to write itConnections – who to connect with and and how to use Connections Groups – which to join and how to use them Recommendations – why do them and what to write Companies – which to follow and how to set up and use your Company page Updates – what content to share and how it can be useful Skills – how to set up and manage SkillsSearch – how to use it to find leads Handy tips:How to stop receiving unwanted emails from LinkedinHow to stop bombarding your Linkedin contacts with unnecessary infoHow to see who’s viewed your profile    Why learn about Linkedin?   People have used Linkedin to successfully: - listen to what’s happening in the market- build relationships with customers- focus attention on their brand’s strengths- position as a leader in their field and build brand value- develop their personal brand and get it in google searches- generate leads and opportunities - for both marketing and finding work  This course will help set you on the path to get there.  Who should do the course?  Our one day training course is for people who: - have made a start on Linkedin but aren’t sure what to do next- wondering how Linkedin can help them find business or work- want to learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively - or want to change their career (Linkedin can help re-position you) Who is teaching the course? My background includes 10+ years experience working in advertising and the media, 10+ years teaching in higher education and 7+ years campaigning online. Since 2008 I've used Linkedin to network, build a reputation, pick up sales leads, promote causes and find staff.  I've worked in leading advertising agencies in Sydney including The Campaign Palace. And on campaigns for clients with large budgets – from Rydges Hotels to Oil of Ulay through to small business, creative startups, charities and causes. I set up practical advertising programs at Charles Sturt University and the University of Western Sydney.    Want to talk to the instructor?  If you'd like to know more, you're welcome to call me (Phil Stubbs) at the School on 0403 517 242. Or email phil(at)     Can't make the current course date? This Linkedin course is offered quarterly. We can let you know when the next course is on by email. Simply subscribe to our mailing list on our website You're also welcome to Like our Media School Facebook page for updates about courses and occasional tips on how to use social media for marketing your business.    Interested in other social media courses?  As well as Linkedin, we offer a one-day introduction to social media marketing and intensive training on other key social media platforms. (Blogging is a specialty.)  View other social media marketing courses offered by Media School in Sydney.    How to secure your place on the course    The simplest way to secure a spot is to book and pay here on Eventbrite. Our programs are becoming popular, so in many cases, you'll need to get in early to ensure your place. Unfortunately, we can't accept a booking without full payment of fees. Our terms and conditions for cancellations are below*.     What people are saying about our Linkedin training  Here are some comments from people who've attended our courses -    Rene van der Loos, General Manager at NRMA Living Well Navigator: "Very practical course. Feel like I have the tools to make Linkedin work for the business now. Phil was very patient and went out of his way to help me get over the line."   Val Grveski, Change Management Specialist, Office of Finance, NSW Government:  "Loved the course. Answered my questions and empowered me to comprehensively update my profile."   Check out more comments from past participants. And see the range of businesses doing our courses.   Our secret weapons (experience + care)   We're confident you'll get a lot out of this course. We've been working in business, education and the media for over 20 years. We genuinely care about helping people and seeing their business succeed. We'll make the day well worth your time and money.    By all means give me a call if there's anything you'd like to know more about. My number is 0403 517242.    Phil Stubbs,  Director, Media School.    * What happens if you need to cancel (or change) your booking:   If you do book and then can't make it, we usually allow you to transfer your booking to a later date - if you let us know by email 48 hours prior to the event. You can transfer the money you've paid to a later offering of the same course or toward another course offered by us. (Though these need to be within 12 months of your original course date.)  If you want to cancel the booking completely, we will issue a refund if you let us know in writing (by email) 5 business days before the event. (Best to transfer your money to the next course if it's within 5 days.)  If you don't show up for a course, unfortunately we can't issue a transfer or refund at all.  Another person may take your place on the course you've booked if you can't attend. Please let us know by email prior to the course in this case.    Logo disclaimer:Media School is not affiliated with Linkedin. Nor does it claim to hold rights to its logo. We are enthusiasts helping others learn how to use the platform effectively.   

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