Learning About The Relationship Between Motivation And Personality

David McClelland put forth a widely respected theory on how motivation and personality work closely together, and that the latter greatly influences the former. Our individual needs, which of course are determined by our personality, will by the deciding factor in what motivates us. Once you know what your important needs are, you can develop self motivation more effectively, or work at motivating employees at work.

Motivation and personality come together with three different classifications of needs. The first one is achievement. This is where the individual has this need to drive forward and succeed. Motivating someone like this is usually quite simple, as they tend to have motivational skills. This kind of person is constantly challenging themselves, and to get them to do more is usually easy enough to do, often just by setting a simple task that requires some skill to accomplish.

The second way in which personality and motivation function together is by way of affiliation. This simply means that an individual with this type of temperament needs and wants to be part of a unit, and places value on relationships. To improve motivation for this kind of person, it can be worth looking at methods to use joint effort as the strategy for carrying out a job, but also as the final result of a task.

Personality and motivation work together in a different way when power is involved. This is the third of the three needs put forth by McClelland, and an individual with this kind of personality likes to be the controlling factor in making changes to the lives of others. It isn’t difficult to improve motivation for this type of person, since normally all that is required is the establishment of more responsibility for them.

The three needs discussed are important for motivation and personality within a company or even for your own self-identity. Knowing how personality and needs are related and seeing how each individual is different in their needs can bring about great change in the work place. David McClelland’s work focuses upon achievement, affiliation and power. Motivation techniques can be effectively used to achieve success for each individual worker. A happy individual will be more productive and also will work better if their personalities are considered when placing them in a position of importance or as part of a team.

Self motivation starts by you laying out what has to be done, what needs to be done and what you would like to see done. Then break these tasks down into smaller tasks and tackle them one at a time. Whether you’re interested in tips on motivation for students or motivation to lose weight, you can learn more at our site on Self Motivation .

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