Learn To Speed Read: Read 300% Faster in 15 Minutes

Learn To Speed Read: Read 300% Faster in 15 Minutes

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    • avatar dhruv kothari 1

      I went from 227 to 531 thank you!

      • avatar JinJoxx2 0

        Thank you so much! I'm about to start my last year of Highschool, and I am preparing to take the ACT again. Last time the only thing I needed to work on was my reading. Just today, the first time watching this, my speed has increased from about 300 wpm to 600-700 wpm. With some practice I hope to bring this up even more. Thank you so much, this was VERY helpful!

        • avatar Yaqub Naqiyev 1

          impossible in our minds

          • avatar Thomas Anderson 1

            Nothing worth reading is worth speed reading. And anything that you speed-read can be considered as not read.

            • avatar ATNGamerz! 0

              Omg I clicked on this video and I got an AD about speed reading before I could watch the video. What a crazy coincidence.

              • avatar Fernandez Mingaz 1

                My kids seriously love this Learn-to-Read program. It made them think and every time they’re done with a lesson or story I am left to answer myriads of questions. [Check Details Here ==https://www.facebook.com/Teach-Your-Child-To-Read-731975013638587/app/208195102528120 ] It means they are thinking and wondering and questioning, which is remarkable at their age. This program doesn’t just read to your kids, it fundamentally teaches your child the best way to read!

                • avatar Omid Nezami 0

                  432 to 801! This is absolutely astounding! I feel as if I am reading with some inexplicably uncontrollable flow. Thank you for this video sir.

                  • avatar BautisTech 1

                    I got 698 first try!

                    • avatar Rebecah Akande 1

                      The link does not load properly on my phone

                      • avatar Eric zyk 1

                        paused :-) & read :-)

                        • avatar gopan e r 1

                          great…. really helpful….