Keeping Fish Tanks Clean To Keep Your Pets Happy

Taking good care of your fish tanks is the most important part of caring for your fish. Fish are good pets; they're quiet, they're clean and they are beautiful and watching them provides relaxation and stress relief. Fish can be purchased in any color you'd like to have and you'll find that your fish can help you unwind at the end of the day.

You may choose from either freshwater or saltwater fish tanks. Either allows you to keep certain types of fish (either freshwater or saltwater species of fish, of course). The pets you can keep in these fish tanks will provide you with relaxation and of course, their natural beauty. While fish tanks don't require a lot of maintenance, you will need to put some work into caring for your tanks to keep them a clean environment which will keep your fish healthy and happy.

Before we even start talking about maintenance, one thing you should be aware of as a fish owner is that you can place only so many fish into a single tank if they are to stay healthy. Overcrowding your tank will cause sanitation problems and produce an unhealthy environment for your pets, as well as requiring very frequent cleaning. You will need to clean your tank on a regular schedule, regardless of how many or how few fish you're planning to keep.

Cleaning your fish tank on a regular basis will help to prolong the lifespan of your fish as well as providing a clean and healthy habitat for them. One way to aid in the cleaning of your tank is to avoid any over feeding. Over feeding causes for excess waste to accumulate on the bottom of the tank and requires removal. You also want to remove any dead leaves that resulted from live plants inside your fish tank. These dead leaves lead to algae build up on the glass of the tank. This algae can be removed with a scraper or algae magnet.

Cleaning the glass or acrylic surfaces of the tank is important, but this is not all there is to keeping your fish tanks clean. A filtration system is an important part of tank maintenance, since this keeps the water clean. You'll need to clean out the filter monthly, if not more often. You'll also need to clean your gravel or any other substrate you're using in your aquarium a minimum of once per month.

Cleaning out the water filter is a pretty simple, but important task. The helpful bacteria which live in the filter carry out the important duty of helping to break down the ammonia, nitrates and other organic waste which your fish produce, so you'll want to clean it quickly and replace it. Clean out the filter in running water and if it's worn out, replace the filter immediately. You'll also want to make sure that the water in your fish tank stays healthy for your pets by checking the chemical balance using a pH test kit at least once a month. You can ask how this is done at your local pet store as well as finding out what the proper pH balance is for your fish.

As far as cleaning the surfaces of your fish tank is concerned, make sure never to use any detergents or soap. The residues which these cleaners can leave on the tank can make your fish sick or even kill them. Clean the surfaces of your tank using a solution of 10% bleach. Be sure that you use only plain chlorine bleach without any added fragrances or detergents. Wash the tank well and soak all of your aquarium accessories using this solution for 15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing the tank and accessories then refilling your tank and letting your pets back in to their tank.

When you take good care of your fish tank, cleaning it at least once per month your fish will be healthier and live longer. You'll also be able to enjoy a better view of your fish through a well-cleaned tank " and what's the point of keeping fish if you can't enjoy them?

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