Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

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    • avatar SİNA SITKI Akin 1

      wwe tag

      • avatar Kresna Kristoforus 0

        0:34 Wait… stop right thah, is that WWE championship belt ?

        • avatar بنوته فيكة وخدودي كيكة 0

          أين العرب😐

          • avatar Ramiro Millares 1

            katy perry ta amo

            • avatar Shalar Mujnir 1

              Guys can u make this comment the most liked comment throughout youtube?

              • avatar Annika L 2

                1:56 you are so beautiful 💕

                • avatar وليد القحطاني 1

                  الله لايوفقكم.. تحاولون تنشون رسايل خفية وتسبون المسلمين ياكلاب

                  • avatar David Brown 1

                    I love this song! Its just amazing

                    • avatar Hayyy Was Geht? 1

                      früher hab ich katy perry geliebt aber ihre lieder jz mag ich iwie nicht

                      • avatar MLP Equestria Girls 0

                        bence bu çok asil ve beğenilen bir klip.

                        • avatar Open Range 1

                          Guys remember the fat guy who brings all the food the spicy one is actually hot Cheetos and the throne has dounuts and on the big plate are Twinkies

                          • avatar Open Range 1

                            What is a dj doing in Egypt

                            • avatar Wendall Dúckk 1

                              "old , but good …