Jugaad Innovation: Jaideep Prabhu at TEDxUCL

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    • avatar Jaideep Prabhu 1

      Thanks for your kind words, Vivek.

      I don't think the Nano failed. It just didn't sell as well as Tata hoped. I have few doubts the car will sell well in the future. As such, I don't think there was a negative impact on the Tata or Indica brand.

      Nokia's focus on low-income consumers couldhave distracted it from the smartphone market. But I don't know if it actually did. I wonder if we can ask someone from Nokia!

      Targetting both high and low income consumers synergistically is tough!


      • avatar Jaideep Prabhu 1

        Hi Vivek,

        Great questions! My responses:

        a) frugal means being economical with the resources needed to get, develop and market an idea. These savings can be passed on to customers as a low price.

        b) By approach and plan I mean the mindset that drives the process of getting the idea, developing and marketing it

        c) Low-price alone doesn't lead to inclusion. Jugaad means thinking about all the ways in which those outside the formal economy can adopt and use the product


        • avatar Vivek Astvansh 0

          Jaideep: a few questions on how we define jugaad.

          We define jugaad as an innovation that has three characteristics (or dimensions):

          a) frugal: you mention cost; so is frugal = low-priced?

          b) flexible: you say flexible in approach and plan; what exactly do we mean by approach and plan?

          c) inclusive: ironically for me, you define inclusion in terms of exclusion from formal economy. Did you mean inclusion of wider consumer base? If yes, doesn't low-price automatically lead to inclusion?

          • avatar Vivek Astvansh 0

            A well-balanced, informative, motivating presentation, Jaideep. Thank you. Some questions:

            Did Nano's alleged failures negatively impact Tata's brand value, particularly in Indica? Did Nokia's focus on lower-income consumers drew its limited resources away from the smartphone market?

            In summary, I am asking how firms can synergistically target both high-income and BOP consumers (in the same product category).

            • avatar Jaideep Prabhu 1

              Dear Pradeep, Thank you for your kind words about my talk. Your question is a good one. India tends to do relatively badly on traditional measures of innovation such as R&D spending and patents. However, my belief is that the ingenuity of Indians is not captured by these measures but is everywhere evident in India in the jugaad innovations that we outline in our book.