Jesus Centred Life School : Essex – 2016/17

Jesus Centred Life School : Essex - 2016/17
Event on 2017-05-31 09:30:00
INTRODUCTION TO 'THE JESUS CENTRED LIFE'     Jesus is the centre and the circumference of our faith and the "Jesus Centred Life" is a place to strengthen Christ in us.     The "Jesus Centred Life" will re-focus our perception of Jesus, in life, in the Bible, and in the world around us. It will grow our understanding of the Jesus of history and prophecy and of the Christ over all Creation and the application of Jesus' mission and message to all spheres of personal, community, civic and social life.   Following the core material and a similar format to the Jesus Centred Life London School, but in the heart of Southern Essex.   One Saturday per month at Miracle House, Wickford, SS12 9NR (home of Wickford Community Church). 10:00 Grab a coffee at Yum Yums cafe in Miracle house and registration 10:30 Welcome and Worship. Morning Session, Word:  – Jesus in …. 12:30-1:30 Lunch Break - Bring your own or use nearby shop/cafe Afternoon Session, & Spirit: – Grace and favour… Finish around 15:30. Here is the programme for the year....     Jesus Centred Life School 2016/17 – Essex Term 1 WORD SPIRIT Week 1 Oct 8th  2016 Jesus in the Torah - An overview of how Jesus is presented in the first five books of the Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Life Story - Seeing who you are from a process perspective, both in terms of Father's heart and history's hands.   Week 2 Nov 12 2016  Jesus in the early Histories - from the days of Joshua and the Judges to the united monarchy under David and Solomon, the Bible reveals details of the Messiah to come. The Idiot’s tale and the Overcomer’s Story – unpacking purpose in your life.   Week 3 Dec 3 2016  Jesus' Birth - When we let natural, human and prophetic history overlap, we can actually date Jesus birth to just a handful of days over a period of a single year... and then we discover implications we may not have seen before. Discover the meaning of the first Christmas in a whole new way. Born into Cain – Overcoming the context we are born into. Drawing insight and testimony from our imperfect beginnings.       Term 2 WORD SPIRIT Week 4 Jan 28 2017 Living the Last Week 1 - A fully harmonized and interpreted walk through of the events of Jesus' last week. This first week resolves Friday through to Wednesday with some surprising twists. A Strange Case of Mis-shapen Identity – A time to get honest about parts of us we hold onto that are really about self promotion and self protection... honesty is the first step towards authenticity.   Week 5 Feb 25 2017 Living the Last Week 2 - Wednesday through Friday... not everything is that way you may have seen it, drawing in the very latest discoveries from archaeology and document research we build up a fresh and Biblically consistent picture of Jesus arrest through to sentence execution. The Glory of Christ in you – Learn to co-operate with the real source of our righteousness, maturity and hope, the energy behind the upward call of God. Week 6 April 1st  2017   Living the Last Week 3 - From Good Friday night onward, the resurrection appearances can all be fitted into a complex but very human whole. We will resolve the who, when, why and what of all those seemingly contradictory Gospel accounts. Favour on your calling and identity –Growth in humility and love unlocks the truth of who we are and what we are equipped to do.     Term 3 WORD SPIRIT Week 7 May 20  2017 Jesus in the Wisdom Books - From Job to the Song of Solomon, the five Wisdom books of the Old Testament add layer on layer of truth to the coming and second coming of the Word made flesh. The Secretly Wonderful Name –  A prophetic-teaching session to add anointing and clarity to calling and identity. Week 8 June 10 2017 Jesus in the Prophets - A high level view of how Jesus appears in every one of the major and minor prophets, all 16 of them! A Better Country –Bringing faith for the earthly life beyond our own in which our natural life will have it's real legacy. Think Abraham and the Promised Land or William Wilberforce and the abolition of slavery... neither saw their greatest impact in their own lifetimes. Week 9 July 8 2017 Jesus in the later histories - Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther along with their prophetic counterparts draw the Old Testament to a close, looking for a different kind of priest who will prepare and anoint a perfect sacrifice to make amends where the Law has failed. The Producer, Maker, Builder –  The life Father envisaged for you added more value to the world than it drew from the world.   Tickets are £12.50 online in advance for each day or £15 on the door ... but special rates for booking a term or year in advance!   However if you aren't sure about committing up front now, come on October 8th and if you decide you would like to do the whole year you can just pay the difference for the special full year rate. (If you need to cancel a booking we can refund but will need to retain £5  to cover admin costs).   To find out more about 'Jesus Centred Life' visit our website   Thank you to New Life Church Wickford for hosting the Jesus Centred Life School!  Hope to see you there and please let your friends know about it!         

at Miracle House
Silva Island Way
Wickford, United Kingdom

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