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From museums to gardens as well as a host of other splendid attractions, there is a lot of sightseeing that Jackson has to offer. If you are wondering where you can stay here, don’t worry. Our guide on the best hotels here will help you make the perfect choice!

Historical museums

The Old Capitol Museum is a one of a kind experience if you love history and exploring ancient times. This building was a government building during the 1800s. There are plenty of interesting exhibits that showcase the politics of Mississippi in the earlier days as well as many interesting dioramas depicting scenes from those times. You will also find a lot of interesting memorabilia and collectibles on display here. It’s a great place to take along your family and children. If you are looking for an accommodation there are many Jackson, MS Hotels located nearby. If you wish to stay here on a budget then there are many Jackson Hole, WY Hotels that come at discounted rates.

Natural science museums

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science has many interesting examples that showcase the biological creations in its center. You’ll find many innovative attractions such as an aquarium that has over 100000 gallons of water, with plenty of amphibians, fish as well as reptiles. There are also lengthy walkways that allow you to explore the terrain and area in this museum as well. If you have kids then this is a great practical way for them to learn and explore wildlife and natural habitats. There are many nice Jackson, TN Hotels that are located in surrounding areas. The range of Jackson, NH Hotels provide a fine blend of hospitality and old world charm.


The Mynelle Gardens is a virtual seat of beauty in the middle of the hustle bustle of city life! There is so much lush greenery, water, flowers, beautiful sculptures as well as bridges that it is difficult to leave the place! With such beauty around it can be a great place to have a nice family picnic or get together here! If you are looking for typical southern style charm and hospitality in your accommodation then the Andrew Jackson Hotel, New Orleans is a great option for you. In general, most of the Jackson, MI Hotels possess a lot of beauty, hospitality as well as comfort in them.

Historic sites

The Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center is dedicated to an African American slave called Smith Robertson. This museum depicts the typical daily life of the slaves in those early days of struggle as well as the culture and their ancestry. It is a great place to visit if you enjoy exploring the culture of different races and delving into the past. There are many Jackson, CA Hotels that come within your budget. If you love casino games and playing cards then the range of Casino Hotels Jackson provide you a good staying option.

Gardens in memory

The Eudora Welty Garden is dedicated to the famous writer located in Mississippi. Although he is now dead this garden commemorates his presence in those early times. This garden has recently been restored and is open to the public. There are plenty of Lake Jackson, TX Hotels that are priced reasonably. For spectacular vacation experiences check out some of the Jackson Vacation Getaways.

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