Is Low Self Esteem Really For You?

Why have you chosen low self esteem?

Just what is self esteem?

As defined in psychology, self esteem is a person’s evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth (your opinion of yourself).

Your self esteem is high when you have a positive opinion of yourself. Your self esteem is low when you have a negative opinion of yourself. However, the true impact of self esteem on us as individuals is monumental.

Self esteem offers us two choices, and they are truly choices. Both choices have the power to change our lives. One choice changes our lives for good, one choice changes our lives for the bad.

What exactly are these two choices? One is high self esteem, and one is low self esteem. Yes, you conciously choose our own self esteem. Contrary to popular belief, your self esteem is not assigned to you.

Choosing high self esteem will give you the power to accomplish anything you desire. Choosing low self esteem will give you nothing but heartache.

You will find incredible power in self esteem, incredible power for the good things in life, or incredible power for the bad things in life. High self esteem carries the power to give you anything you want, low self esteem carriers the power to give you everything you don’t want.

How does this incredible power work?

Choosing high self esteem, will give you the power to be totally self confident at any social gathering. You will also have the power to step out of your comfort zone without hesitation. In addition, you’ll have the power to make your own decisions with no regard for the negative comments from so called friends. In other words, you’ll have the power to achieve everything you desire.

In choosing low self esteem, you choose negative power. The negative power in not allowing others to get to know you. The negative power in refusing to expand your world out of your perceived comfort zone. And, the negative power in not rejecting the negative comments of others.

As a result of making this negative choice, your discouragement escalates, and a sense of hopelessness engulfs you. You are not achieving your dreams so you become cynical and discouraged. Your life becomes a virtual nightmare.

Thus, what is the value in choosing low self esteem?

In conclusion, I want you to conduct a little case study of yourself.

If you have chosen low self esteem all your life, I want you, for just one moment to imagine you had always chosen high self esteem

Now draw a picture in your mind: What would you be doing today?

The choice is yours.

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