Indoor Plant Insects

Some insects thrive on our indoor plants rather than the outdoor ones because the central heating, the micro-climate and the shortage of predators makes it an ideal setting for them. When you become aware of an infestation of these insects, you ought to take immediate steps to get rid of them, before they spread to the remainder of your indoor plants.

These indoor insects can breed and spread incredibly fast in the ideal conditions of your living room. One of the most widespread groups of indoor insect pests are the spider mites. Spider mites come in a range of colours, depending where you live, but the most common colours are red, green and yellow.

Spider mites are extremely small and so not simple to see, but they can instigate the leaves to fall off your plants, which will quickly kill it. If you suspect a problem with these spider mites, you could hold a piece of dark card under a leaf and then flick the leaf. If you have mites, some will fall onto the card.

These pests belong to the family of spiders and ticks and can be killed fairly simply with an appropriate spray. Ask in your gardening shop for either a systemic insect killer or a natural method, if you would rather. The only stipulation is that you will have to act quickly, if you have them.

Shell insects are very small, but, under magnification, look like blobs of wax on the plant's stem. They are sucking the life out of you plants and they breed very quickly too, if they are left to go unchecked. These insects will not kill your plants quickly because they are after a protracted source of food, but as their numbers increase, they will ultimately kill their host. Insecticide is the only known cure for shell insects.

Mealy bugs are a lot larger and are easily visible to the naked eye, but they do not necessarily look like insects. Rather, they look like strands of cotton in a bunch on your plant. There are two ways of dealing with mealy bugs, you can either wash them off first with water and then spray to prevent a further infestation or just spray and kill them with the spray.

It can take a few weeks to get rid of any of these indoor insects, because they could be anywhere and there will be eggs waiting to hatch out - possibly in the pot plant's soil. Anyway, once you know that you have a problem, just stay with it until your plant recovers.

One of the first signs that you will have that you have an plague of something is that your plant will begin to look poorly and when it has improved, you can be pretty sure that the insects have been killed too.

One thing to make a note of here is that these pests usually only get a foothold with plants that are out of condition anyway. This often comes to mean that they are receiving too much water, although there can be other reasons also.

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