I’m Addicted to Crying- My Strange Addiction Spoof

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    • avatar Nayelli Matias 1

      This is fake

      • avatar Kawaii kitona 1

        Really Rebecca Salt….WTFFF

        • avatar Blory Plays 0

          outro music?

          • avatar JustKiwii Limey 0

            So freaking fake!!!!!!!!!

            • avatar JustKiwii Limey 0

              "Hey mom may I cry on your shoulder"
              Mom "why?"
              " because I like crying and it makes me happy"

              • avatar Annie LeBlanc fans 1

                I've been crying the whole time since the O2l break up. 😭❤

                • avatar Fred The Gamer 1

                  I think this is a parody

                  • avatar Kalia Greene 1

                    Is this real. or fake.

                    • avatar fotrven 05636 1

                      This was the biggest waste of time. That was 5:30 seconds of my life that I will never get back.

                      • avatar Sara Sakinovic 1