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Our culture is steadily confined and shaped by our conversations and different voices that cloud our schedule day in and day out. God is summoning you and I to mark our calendars for an appointment that is destined to change us forever - June 8-11, 2017. In Exodus 25:8 KJV God commands Moses, "And let them make me a sanctuary [tabernacle]; that I may dwell among them." God has always wanted to dwell with mankind, showcase His glory and manifest His presence. The Tabernacle in the Old Testament was one proof of evidence that God wants to hold a meeting with His children that will forever transform us! Not only does God want to create an environment to dwell with His people but God also desires to speak prophetically, powerfully and proficiently to His people like never before!  In what areas of your life are you ready to depart the normal and enter into the miraculous? Maybe you'd like to start with your prayer life, finances, relationships or maybe you're ready to launch that new business idea invested deep within you! If you answered yes to any of those statements, IGNITE is for you! IGNITE has been destined by God to address an array of topics, issues and interests to further propel you into your destiny but most importantly to hear God's very vividly and clear about your destiny!  Gather your family and friends and tell them it's time to go to IGNITE! Register today by clicking above! Group rates are available for your church leadership team and prayer group! 

at The Tower of Prayer Church
8429 First Avenue
Leeds, United States

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