Hypnosis for Clearing Subconscious Negativity

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    • avatar sanaa Z 1

      is it necessary to fall down asleep ??

      • avatar HGH Chaito 0

        Tanks you dude and a happy day for you full with god blessing ♥

        • avatar el grey 1

          Gratitude 💫
          Into Balance
          #ripplesintowaves #synchronicity #stillness

          • avatar TheEvansnature 1

            I have done hundreds os guided meds and hypnosis this however is on a different level… truly incredible… i was in heaven safe relaxed … I felt no pain or discomfort surrounded by the most amazing light show- images etc… Bless you Michael. Love John

            • avatar Marcell 1111 1

              omg! I cried!

              • avatar Luv Supreme 1

                Today I felt so negative and was about to be completely discouraged for all the progress I'd made… and then I found this…and I feel renewed. Thank you. A thousand times, thank you. ❤

                • avatar Bri M. 0

                  By far one of my favorites from him!

                  • avatar Nea 1

                    I tried the past life regression and I had a major breakthrough (last night first time watching) I cried alot.. let go of so much within and had many visions.. I felt so light and I felt my

                    • avatar Lucyfruit L 0

                      your meditation videos are awesome! Thankyou!

                      • avatar Rainbows_Rock 0

                        Interrupted 5 times, now I'm in my dark ish room, it's gloomy outside, have a Twinkie and a blanket. Ready to roll. But seriously, this is working very well even though the farthest I've gotten was 10 minutes.

                        • avatar Connie Duenas 0

                          I don't know why when it gets close to the end I get antsie, if that makes sense. today I got emotional towards the end, and when I came out I got what felt like a panic attack that lasted like 30 sec. I got scared. then poof it was gone. I got shaky now I'm full of energy.. crazy. not sure if that is normal..

                          • avatar Healing Angel - Guided Meditations for Wellness 1

                            It's so wonderful how you offer such a variety of hypnosis sessions that cover a wide range of topics. Thank you, Michael!

                            • avatar jb.mcneill Mcneill 2

                              great stuff

                              • avatar Mattéa Cantin 0


                                • avatar Alex Oja 1

                                  You might want to consider lowering some peaks around 3khz. Just a quick equalizer pass would do.