How To Use Positive Affirmations For Weight Loss

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool to get the law of attraction working for you in manifesting the thin, strong body you want. But there are definitely plenty of “wrong” ways to use affirmations, or perhaps I should call them “ineffective” ways. Some people think that just reciting an affirmation is enough to transform their body, but the words you say have no power to change anything. Rather, all of the power contained in an affirmation is in the way it makes you feel.

Before we get into more effective ways to use affirmations, take a minute to think about what you are really trying to achieve by using them. A slimmer body might be the first thing that popped into your mind. The law of attraction works according to what you focus on the most. Whatever you focus on the most, you are going to trigger feelings that match, and the law of attraction is going to return situations and events that match those feelings.

What do you focus on the most regarding your body? Do you have a constant mental recording of thoughts like these: “I’m so sick of being fat. I’m tired of feeling embarrassed about my weight. I have to lose weight no matter what it takes because I will never be happy until I do”? As you think thoughts like these, you can feel a strong sense of frustration and anger inside. That means you are only attracting more situations that will make you feel frustrated and angry. To attract your healthy, slender, beautiful body, you have to start choosing thoughts that stimulate more positive feelings about your body – which is exactly how you will feel when you DO have that slender, beautiful body.

You may have heard that affirmations must also be phrased in present tense. For example: “I weigh 120 pounds. I’m proud of my body. I easily slip into a size 5.” Can you see why affirmations like that don’t usually work? Because you know darn well they aren’t true. When you say them, you can feel resistance coming up inside you – that is your subconscious mind saying, “This isn’t true.” So nothing changes.

If you keep saying an affirmation over and over (dozens of times) each day, you can eventually wear away that resistance, but that can take a long time and take a lot of determination. A much easier way is to change the wording of the affirmation so that it is easier to believe.

Affirmations can be re-worded to make them many times more powerful if you know how. Let’s try it with the above examples. “I can imagine what it feels like to weigh 130 pounds. I am learning to love my body more each day. I enjoy wearing clothes that make me feel good!” See how these affirmations don’t cause a feeling of resistance? They don’t grate against your existing beliefs about your body, but they do help you start resonating on a slimmer, lighter, happier energetic frequency. Yes, the same frequency that is being emitted by slender, fit people.

Just remember that the words you choose for your affirmations must make you FEEL GOOD when you say them. If negative feelings like doubt, frustration or disbelief come up, the affirmation needs more tweaking. Your goal is to feel the essence of the outcome you desire every time you say the affirmation. If you keep triggering that feeling within yourself often enough, for long enough, the outcome must manifest!

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