How to Train Wild Horses

Training wild horses is significantly different from training horses that are bred and raised around humans. It takes longer to train wild horses than domesticated ones, although it is absolutely possible for wild horses to be as well-trained as any horse out there.

Wild horses are sophisticated and intelligent social beings. A horse that grew up in a wild herd, learn manners, cooperation, respect, and a profound understanding of movement and body language. Fear is the only thing that stands between them and a lifelong bond with the owner.

Earning the trust of wild horses will take time and patience. But once you have earned their trust, they are now ready to be trained just like any other domesticated horse. Similar to any horse; the better the training, the better the horse.

The following are some of the steps on how to train a wild horse:

a.The first thing you should do is gain the trust of the horse. You can not work with a horse that does not trust you. Place the horse in a small pen and visit him everyday. Feed him, water him, and talk to the horse in a calm and trusting voice as often as possible. Ultimately, the horse will learn that you are not there to hurt him. Get inside the pen and give the horse a calming and reassuring rub all over the body.

b.Place a halter on the horse after he gets used to ropes. Horses can easily get startled with objects that are new to them. So, get him used to the ropes by letting him smell it and by rubbing it onto his skin. You need to assure him that the rope will not hurt him. Let the horse wear the halter around the pen for a few hours, but take it off when you leave.

c.Take the horse around the grounds to gain more trust. While leading him, you have to assure him that you are his leader and you will not hurt him. Expose him to objects on the grounds that might be scary to him such as tractors, fences, utility trucks, etc.

d.Introduce the saddle and saddle pad to the horse. Let him smell it before putting it on his back. Tighten the saddle just enough so that it will not fall off. Lead him around a round pen with the saddle on his back for a few days. Do not forget to take it off when you leave. Put a bridle on him and let him get used to having a bit in the mouth while working him.

e.You can now mount the horse after he is used to the saddle on his back. Make sure to have someone close by, just in case you need help. Ride the horse around the pen for the first week to let him get used to your weight and the idea of someone on his back. When you feel that the horse completely trusts you, that is the time when you take him out the pen for a ride.

f.Riding the horse by himself is a good way to gain his confidence. You can then calmly teach him to obey your commands such as when to stop, turn, or move. Avoid riding the horse with others as it may confuse him. Ride the horse as often as possible to give him more confidence. Consistency in riding is the best way to train a horse.

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