How To Power-Up Your Affirmations

When you are trying to make a sincere change in your life, one of the most frustrating experiences that you can have is not being able to create the image of what you want. I think there have been times when we have all experienced this.

You see, we think in pictures. When we think about some memory, we get a little snapshot of that memory. When you think about the vehicle you drive, you probably also get that little snapshot of the vehicle you drive. You don’t get the letters written out that spell the vehicle, you get the picture.

Granted there are legitimate reasons for this temporary setback. Maybe it is a new idea and you just haven’t developed your neuro network with enough information. You must have either real life or imagined experiences to add to your intuition to build the base to create new ideas and with them, clear images of what you are trying to manifest. You may even want to give up when you find that you are unable to create the clear images you think you should be able to create right from the start. You may mistakenly take that as a sign that you are not supposed to try to change. Don’t buy it! It is simply not the truth.

Fortunately, I have found a way around this problem and can get myself and others back on track easily. Actually the answer came as the result of an older technique that I use to have my clients do that were really suffering from a lack of self worth.

One such technique involves using a mirror to deepen good emotional content, allowing my clients to recondition themselves from old limiting beliefs to new beliefs that move them closer to their goals. Beliefs are the catalyst to help bring your ideas and goals into physical expression.

You may not find this mirror work very comfortable at first. It does involve a new level of intimacy. However, exercises such as this will help you uncover the deep powerful limiting beliefs that stop you from reaching your goal. If you find it difficult to share a deeper level of intimacy with yourself, you can’t really expect to be able to do it with anyone else!

For best results use a full length mirror. That way, you can monitor your full body reaction. If a full length mirror is not available, then try to use a mirror that will show your head and shoulders. The more you can see the better. However, you do want to be close enough to see your reaction in your eyes.

When I originally introduced mirror work to my clients I would have them sit in front of the mirror and complement themselves and tell their reflection in the mirror that they loved themselves. This is a very powerful exercise. I now use this same exercise with affirmations.

Mirror work offers some unique perspectives. How are you reacting to your affirmations as you look into your eyes? Are you squirming with every phrase? Do certain affirmations make you feel uneasy? It is common to feel uneasy the first week or so. You are trying to install new beliefs. But this should give way as your belief in accomplishing your goal increases.

Find a comfortable position in front of your mirror. Don’t be in a rush to get it over with, although the first couple of times you think you can’t do it fast enough to get it over with. Take your time. Sit in front of that mirror for a couple of moments and just breathe slowly and deeply. Look into your eyes and get acquainted with yourself for a few moments, then begin saying your affirmations. If they are properly worded, you will begin to feel the emotions stirring after saying them over a few times.

Continue to repeat your affirmations until you begin to sense your emotions engaging. When this happens, you begin to say your affirmations with more authority. It’s your emotions that are going to send the signal to the subconscious mind that this is something important. That is when you will begin to experience the best results.

Mark S. Kearns, MA, N.H.D. is a certified Life Success Consultant. Join his free teleseminar, twice a month. For more information and podcasts on the Law of Attraction visit his blog at

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