1. Liba Krejzlikova Liba Krejzlikova

    Hello, can you please advice where to buy the handy label maker? Thank you

  2. pika Dj pika Dj

    bag of milk……….???

  3. Sharon Gittens Sharon Gittens

    when vegetable are washed before use, do they get mould eaaily?

  4. sue Downey sue Downey

    I still hear my mother telling me to close that fridge!! So here I am at 66 years young, still hearing her voice (😉) so I leave my fridge open fir a long time, well for me it is, whenever I'm cleaning it or re-organizing….or even when my apt gets too hot 😁😁😁

  5. Sapir Haroshe Sapir Haroshe

    I tried doing that, but I can't remove the first part. It seems like they glued it. One thing I know, I will never ever buy another Samsung refrigerator!

  6. Anjuli M Anjuli M

    Can you please do a Bottom freezer organization video? I'm looking for how to keep it organized for some basic stuff (as we have deep freezers for major items). I would appreciate some ideas. Thanks.

  7. kookie2967 kookie2967

    wow your so neat and organized !!!

  8. Scampergirl Scampergirl

    I wish I had a large beautiful refrigerator, but alas just a small crappy one in my apartment….sigh

  9. Dhruvi Patel Dhruvi Patel

    Is it just me, or does she look like Joy from Inside Out?

  10. Joanne Garcia Joanne Garcia

    She said the coldest is the bottom, I think only if it's a bottom freezer fridge. We have the top freezer kind and the top shelf gets so cold cause it's right underneath the vent where the cold blows out, sometime it becomes so cold it freezes meat that were not even frozen when I put it in.

  11. lina Arroyo lina Arroyo

    Tomatoes should not be stored in fridge. They lose their flavors. Great ideas. Thank you.

  12. Bryony - One Step at a Time Bryony - One Step at a Time

    Eggs. Do. Not. Need. To. Go. In. The. Fridge.
    It drives me mad when I see eggs in the fridge… almost all things that need eggs in them work out better with eggs at room temperature. I have never kept my eggs in the fridge and have never been ill.

  13. ricky grant ricky grant

    this video makes me so moist. I love organized things


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