1. vecernicek2 vecernicek2

    Justin Bieber begs to differ.


    Well, I am already THERE. Low Self esteem with complex mixed Borderline Disorder (unlike the stigmatised BPD Narcissist) I am extremely neurotic (YES but never narcissistic.) For instance, people find it hard to believe I have had abusive relationships or the rare symptom of clutter. In the same way, I am naturally as this Professor describes, as having low self esteem. In fact, I have humbled myself so much that I always wonder about how it would be to live like a "Cave woman". As in make my own clothes from scratch and make my dinner from scratch, i.e hunt my food (which I do not know how any human could do that. I would have to starve to death. Human beings were amazing to survive emotionally, let alone physically- the fight for survival. This is why I do not know how my amazing Late Mother who would be 79, went through so much in her amazing life, made her own clothes and mine- and toys- and jelly (jam) e.t.c e.t.c yet she was so modest, it annoyed me. I have always been self deprecating, it even annoyed my Mother. I called myself thick, ugly and everything. I find I am validating what this man says (even though I am British.) When he said that as humans we are interconnected, my boyfriend said that we are interdependent, as in what Yahweh says; Love your neighbour as yourself- true. I was also thinking of the Hymn "Bind Us Together" in Dr. Mathew's last quotation.

  3. George Georgopoulos George Georgopoulos

    I think most people are missing his point. Upon a search for self esteem I see the following: "In sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects a person's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self". Society is our mirror and something tells me that craving the need for validation, love and acceptance from others continuously will undoubtedly lead to 'low' self esteem or at least perpetuate the low self esteem to begin with. One way to deal with this is to look outwards and focus on others, at least more often, and as difficult as this is when it has been a persons default (for what ever reason) for such a long time not to, this needs to be changed in order of developing peace of mind. When you have peace of mind, self esteem / love for oneself is a natural consequence. I noticed the using this flipped way of looking at things on another video and I actually think its a good method. Sometimes unconventionality is needed to spice things up a little to help get the message across when all the other conventional methods have become cliched and stale which lack punch.That's his message!

  4. dd pp dd pp

    "its their kindness that gives you clothes to wear."  um, no.  those people, typically women, have few options in their cities for employment, so the companies exploit their need for employment and pay crappy, low wages, which allows us in the western world to pay low prices for crappy merchandise.  its definitely not their kindness that influences thie choice in paid labor.  what a dumbass.

  5. StorminMormin91 StorminMormin91

    in this comment section: people proving how fragile their egos have become by holding on to the Western construct of self-esteem, as well as showing just how nasty and cynical Americans can be because of their focus on materialism and projecting their own issues onto an entirely different culture, all the while making false assumptions about a man they've never met.

  6. Mazarbul Mazarbul

    There is some wisdom it it, but whether true understanding of the self stands behind it is questionable. Self neglection is a road to nowhere if the attempt is to please others. You can never please everyone, therefore the task is futile and the attempt at it is an ego trap.

  7. Mavaega-Ua-O'o I-Nuuausala Mavaega-Ua-O'o I-Nuuausala

    Unfortunately there are those with self esteem issues, due to the imbalances of the chemical imbalances within the body. #MentalHealthIssues😒

  8. Matheus Songy Matheus Songy

    He is somewhat wise… but that is a thousand times more complicated than what he explains…

  9. Mike Skutches Mike Skutches

    I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer; I know this. So, I ask all of you sharper knives out there to help me see what I am missing. Dr. Whoolery talks about the people who make our clothes (and other things) by hand. He says "They are willing to work for wages that you aren't willing to work for, and in many ways couldn't work for." I see this as a true statement. He then offers what he seems to think is a logical progression of thought "It's their kindness that gives you clothes to wear." This is where I need help. To me, this appears to be a logical blunder. It is my understanding that the socioeconomic standing of these workers is such that they must take these jobs in order to make a living for themselves and their families. I don't think their thinking goes: "I could take Job A, for more money and a better standard of living for myself and my family, but I choose instead to take Job B because, in doing so, I am providing a nice product, at a low cost, to those relatively rich individuals in the Western World. I do this because I want to be kind to them." Again, I am assuming that Dr. Whoolery, being where he is in society, is more intelligent than I am and is not making such a seemingly obvious logical blunder. I must be the one who is either misinformed, or am logically impaired. I thank you in advance for your assistance here.

  10. God- girl God- girl

    Wow! How! True! About Me…
    About You!

  11. Carol Sevy Carol Sevy

    Great concept!

  12. CrazyAsFuck CrazyAsFuck

    his theory can work only in ideal world, healthy self esteem is vital

  13. eecaad eecaad

    That right there is the wisdom of no self.
    If you're hearing this kind of thing for the first time, it's going to seem stupid, naive, wishful thinking, hippy-dippy, offensive, classist, etc. because it's so different from the culture of insecurity that most of western society is trapped in. It takes a lot of practice to understand.

  14. David Hould David Hould

    this guy dosen't have low self-esteem problem. He may be genuinely humble, but I bet he got a pretty good opinion of himself. Easy then to trow the concept off the window…

  15. faheem mohamed faheem mohamed

    one of the best speeches i heard after very long time. thanks a lot


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