How To Increase Brain Capacity From 5% to 40%

How To Increase Brain Capacity From 5% to 40%

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    • avatar Pemba Tamang 2

      Explain how it works… make it more transparent.. the troops u are referring to is the subconscious. Make it more relatable and scientific.

      • avatar impulse1311 1

        I want to be the best in reading between the lines and finding bullshitters

        • avatar impulse1311 0

          This guy is dilaudid or psychotic… I am a student of Neuro Science, I have a Degree in hypnotherapy and I can assure you nothing he says makes sense apart from using positive affirmation….

          • avatar impulse1311 0

            what the FUCK does he mean by their brain capacity ? Where does he pull this bullshit from ?

            • avatar impulse1311 1

              what kind of bullshit is the title implying here ?

              • avatar Nate Blehar 1

                This video explained absolutely nothing!

                • avatar Kostas Patašius 1

                  Humans use 100% off their brain.

                  • avatar Hok Cheong Au 0

                    Does Einstein use 100% of his brainXD

                    • avatar Yahyaoui Chaima 0

                      I want to be the best

                      • avatar Edun Ogunbor 1

                        The human Brain is a goal seeking Organ, when you emotionally say " I am the best" you have just activated the invincible powers from the depth of your Mind. Be-careful of what you wish for …. Eduncares

                        • avatar Youssef Mouhssine 0

                          I don't know what Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong would make of this video !

                          • avatar Haidee Samaniego 1

                            reason only 😉😉 I know what …

                            • avatar Ankush Chopde 1

                              I am Batman!