How to Create Mental House Locations (Old) | Memory Training – Mind Palace Memory Map

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  1. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    Check out the updated version of this Memory Map – House Locations Video:

  2. Elabed Mitnich Elabed Mitnich

    Thx man for sharing the knowlege

  3. Jamal Soubjaki Jamal Soubjaki

    can you do more than 4 rooms?

  4. Fendy1 Fendy1

    Ron White.

  5. Derek Rothholz Derek Rothholz

    Hey I love your videos, and this technique works really well…. I'm not joking when I say this. Any room I use to place a memory stays there seemingly forever. I can't get rid of the information and I can't reuse the same room. Am I supposed to make more rooms and files? Because if that's the case the only real studying I will have to do from now on is to find pictures of houses and there rooms.

  6. Louga Isme Louga Isme

    like the video and thank

  7. Jhanic Satori Jhanic Satori

    i have the exact problem I rememberd 200 random words.But using the same locaions seem to mess me up.
    Aemind thank you for advice

  8. Nil C. Mazi Nil C. Mazi

    I can't thank you enough for all the videos you uploaded so far .I believe many are inspired and they will send you their positive energy:)

  9. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    Well after you review the original images/info a few times, they will remain their permanently.. You can reuse the same locations for other info.. Just make sure to review the new info a few times.. Try not to use the same locations right away though.. wait a few days then reuse them.. I would recommend creating a lot more mental locations..

  10. Nil C. Mazi Nil C. Mazi

    `my problem is when i'm about to store a new image/info on the locations,i mix them up with the previous info,should i add new locations ? i have 200 locations so far :-s

  11. GodVlogger GodVlogger

    I've recently started using this loci system (memory palace, Roman room).

    But this video is the first place I have heard the idea of limiting the locations to just 5 per room. This is *BRILLIANT*.

    e.g., If I memorize the US Presidents in order and I need to know who was president # 39, your system of 5-items per room would make it EASY for me to know that it will be the second to last location in room # 8 (since the last spot in room #8 is 8×5 = 40).

    Wow that helps a LOT. THANKS!!!!!

  12. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    No problem..Your English is just fine, Bro

  13. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    I saw his video.. It was pretty cool..

    Let me know some other ways that you end up using what I teach you, when you get a chance to test out these techniques..


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