How Designer Fish Tanks Can Enhance Your Room

A Beautifully set-up and properly maintained fish tank provides relaxation, wonderment, and education. Recent studies have proven fish tanks improve health and reduce stress levels.

A large beautiful fish tank draws new business to retirement homes. It provides great entertainment and relaxation for the residents. It provides entertainment to youngsters visiting residents.

In hotel lobbies, restaurants, banks, medical and corporate offices, fish tanks are extremely interesting pieces of décor which provide entertainment and ambience. Fish tanks keep guests, clients and customers entertained and help them remember that business long after completing a transaction. One of the first benefits of commercial fish tanks is that a feel of permanence can be added to an office or business. Many offices or businesses are decorated in rather bland or generic styles, but a fish tank may indicate that the business or office is there to stay because a fish tank represents a long term commitment. In addition, fish tanks make aesthetically pleasing and relaxing focal points your home.

Pediatric clinics, libraries, daycares and schools find very captive audiences for their fish tanks. Children are naturally drawn-in by fish tanks and their energy is calmed and directed by them with very positive effects. For kids, fish tanks are simply one of the most educational and entertaining attractions available.

Doctors and dentists want fish tanks in their waiting rooms to help soothe their patients before and after what are sometimes stressful tests or procedures. Heart rate, blood pressure and other stress indicators have been proven to fall in the presence of fish tanks. Patients are sharper, calmer and had better appetites when exposed to fish tanks full of colourful corals and fish. Fish tanks full of brightly colored fish may reduce disruptive behaviors and improve eating habits of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Dental patients who were subjected to hypnosis versus an fish tank experienced greater benefits from the fish tank. Dental patients required less pain medication after having viewed an fish tank in the office.

At workplace, fish tanks improve employee moral and productivity. Leads to happier, healthier, motivated employees, with increased creativity and productivity in the workplace. Studies indicated reduced blood pressure, lower stress levels and improved overall emotional and physical health for workers.

One of the benefits of a home fish tank is not only the sights but the sounds that they make. Many people find the noise of running water to be very soothing; just look at the proliferation of home decorative fountains to see that. There are also many white noise machines that feature reproductions of water noises like rain or waterfall. By owning a fish tank and observing aquatic life people are connected with those ecosystems and understand how valuable they really are, and the need to protect them from pollution and destruction of habitat.

Advances in fish tank technology have led to air pumps and filters to become a lot quieter than they were twenty years ago. You can always move an air pump around onto various surfaces to see what sounds quieter. Then again, after a while, the steady drone of an air pump can become soothing in and of itself.

Fish tanks turn ordinary rooms into extraordinary environments.

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