Hot Or Cold Pest Control Is Needed In Ocala

Finding a bug in Iowa during the cold winter months might be a bit of a task but not so in Ocala Florida. In areas where the freezing temperatures last for months at a time insects go to great lengths to survive. Some over winter by pumping chemicals similar to antifreeze through their body. Others may stay warm inside your wall and do something close to hibernation. It does get cold in Ocala and even freezes at times but since it doesn’t last long, pests don’t need to employ these techniques near as much to stay alive.

While it does become cold in the central Florida mecca it isn’t very often that low temperatures are sustained. Most insects survive because while the night time may get even to the freeze mark, day time temps rise more than enough to keep the bugs alive. Pests often find refuge in open homes for warmth because residents leave door or windows open to welcome in the cooler weather after seven straight months of brutal heat. It is often reported that bugs like roaches and fleas become more prevalent indoors during the winter time.

Cold is one thing but Ocala’s heat and humidity during the summer is a perfect scenario for any six legged creature. Valuable moisture hangs in the air and the bugs thrive from this life giving source. Being that insects create very little heat like a cold blooded reptile they take full advantage of the long summer days in the sweltering sun. Fire ants build sand mounds and place their brood near the top for perfect incubation and flies find food very easily as odors from carrion and fecal matter arise in the midday heat. For some insects it is actually too hot and they may seek shelter inside a home or in the voids of a structures walls.

Typically in rains almost everyday in Ocala Florida. The breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico both collide near the middle of the state each day. The forces struggle against each other and as the days heat wave grows stronger the three elements produce a daily shower. Nothing could be more perfect for the insect populations and they take full advantage. Life giving water is abundant and this brings out bugs of every sort. Some eat plants that grow so freely in this environment and others eat other bugs. This daily abundance of food is a smorgasbord and it creates massive infestations.

Even the night time bugs find plenty of puddles or standing water and make full use. Mosquitos come out in huge swarms at dusk looking for a warm blooded animal. Ants recycle dead insects on the ground and roaches have no trouble finding something on the menu. Ocala is situated in the most perfect place for pest abundance because the weather and is also perfect for the company that provides pest control.

It’s hot and the bugs love it, stop them with Pest Control Ocala. Lets make your year free of pests withPest Control Ocala.

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