Horses For Sale Are Accessible In Rising Numbers

Horses for sale are growing in number, mainly due to the present problems in the economy. A lot of people are giving their animals away just to avoid paying their upkeep. Many shelters have to turn horses away. Expensive animals are selling for a small portion of the price they once commanded.

A horse is a long-term investment. One should take great care in the selection process, and put a lot of thought into whether he or she can maintain an animal on a constant basis. Animals can easily be found in all price ranges and breeds, and in almost every geographic area. The buyer should be prepared to ask the seller numerous detailed questions before making a decision to purchase a particular horse.

The buyer should decide specifically how he intends to use the horse. For example, will he be ridden for leisure on sport? Will he be used in show jumping competition? These are just two examples, but clearly knowing how the animal will be used also helps one to focus the search. A horse cannot perform a large amount of diverse tasks. By being more specific on how a horse is to be used, the buyer can successfully find the best horse for their purposes.

A wonderful way to begin a comprehensive search is to look at internet websites specializing in selling horses. Most of these websites are visited by buyers and sellers across the world. These resources provide access to horses used for a variety of activities. Information can be sorted by specific breed, as well as by location. The potential buyer can organize prospects by price, breed or riding discipline. Even if the animal is ultimately purchased from someone who has not advertised on the internet, these sites still provide valuable information from which the buyer can start his or her search.

Other more conventional methods include contacting breeders or trainers, or talking to breed associations. There is an association for almost every breed in existence. Individual sellers still advertise in conventional classified advertisements, especially if these ads are in horse magazines. Auctions are places where animals can be purchased quickly and at a low price. One should be an experienced horse person to ensure that the right animal is successfully chosen.

Regardless of the method of locating a prospect, it is very important to ride or at least visit the horse multiple times. This provides a better understanding of the horse’s temperament and level of training. Get a second opinion. Bring a trusted friend, colleague or trainer to see the horse. If possible, have this individual ride the horse as well. Trainers usually charge a small commission if a horse is purchased. The cost is well worth it to ensure that a suitable mount is identified.

Veterinary examinations are usually recommended. However the effectiveness of such an examination is somewhat controversial. Nevertheless, a complete stress test should be conducted. This helps to identify lameness issues. Some people believe that x-rays should be included in the exam, to thoroughly screen for any lameness issues. On the other hand, x-rays in older horses will usually show some sort of bone abnormality that may or may not cause lameness in the future.

A pre-purchase veterinary exam is recommended. This should include a complete stress test to rule out lameness. Some people like to have x-rays taken, but the efficacy of performing such a procedure is somewhat questionable. Certain individuals feel that x-rays are necessary to determine if there are any developing leg abnormalities. Others feel x-rays may falsely reveal issues that really are not problems.

Many horses for sale are available in every breed, riding discipline and expense level. Check out our great guide on horse sales .

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