HaPpY Go TeAcH Conference RALEIGH, NC

HaPpY Go TeAcH Conference RALEIGH, NC
Event on 2017-09-23 08:00:00
Join Jen & Kayla for a full day of K-5 professional development like no other! They like to think of it as #flippedPD. They are so excited to co-facilitate a day that is totally aligned with 21st century teaching and learning expectations. What does that mean exactly?  It means, no sit’n’get PD at the HaPpY Go TeAcH conference. Your day will be designed, delivered and created in real-time formats, structures & protocols that they believe teachers will easily be able replicate in the classroom. It will be nothing short of an energetic and motivational day full of active participation and practical application of the essential skills of the 21st century; creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and caring. The day will have you moving, grooving, agreeing and disagreeing, working in group challenges, problem-solving and persevering, creating and innovating, critiquing and evaluating, producing and presenting.  It is their mission to create a day very similar to the one that is expected at school each and every day, and one that is rigorous, engaging, hands-on, progressive, inspiring and FUN!   Although Jen & Kayla believe that when teachers dress up, they teach up. However, this day will be such a hands-on, whole body, criss-cross applesauce sort of day, they want you to be as comfortable as possible. So, leave the dresses at home and come in jeans and sneakers...you never know what these collaborative projects will have you doing, saying or creating.  Jen and Kayla also want you to bring your iPad and have your social media accounts in order, because the day will be trending around the globe!  We hope you will consider joining our HaPpY Go TeAcH learning community on Saturday, September 23, 2017, for an incredible day of teaching and learning together with 100 of the most amazing educators on the PLANET!!! If you couldn't make it to Orlando or Palm Springs, now is your time!   What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? For this event, you will want to drive or fly. The nearest airport is Raleigh Durham International Airport, just 6 miles away. You can rent a car, get a taxi from Ground Transportation at the airport, or use Uber. If you drive, there is a parking garage right across the street from the event. It's about for the day.    Where can I stay while I attend the Happy Go Teach Conference? If you'll be needing a hotel room, Jen and Kayla recommend staying anywhere in downtown Raleigh. There are several hotel nearby including Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Raleigh Hotel and Raleigh Marriott City Center.  What can/can't I bring to the event? As the conference gets closer, Jen & Kayla will send you an email of "Must Bring/May Bring" items! However, the most important intangible things you will bring to the conference are a positive attitude, an open mind, and a willingness to take risks and step outside your comfort zone with 99 other educators willing to do the same. Will the conference start on time? Well, if you know us already, you know we are all about urgency and efficiency. The conference will most definitely start on time, but with that said, the keynote (and we have an outstanding international renowned keynote speaker lined up so you most definitely do not want to be miss it!) will begin promptly at 8:00AM. But there will be opportunities for networking, group selfies & community building beginning at 7:15AM, so plan accordingly! In your seat, ready to go at 8:00.  Also, at 4:30PM when the conference is over, we'll gather in the foyer for one large group photo!    Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? The morning of the conference, registration begins at 7:15AM. You can either bring your printed ticket with you containing the QR code, or pull up your confirmation email on your phone containing the QR code, or save the QR code in your Camera Note. Eventbrite also has an app.   What is the refund policy? They really do not want to issue any refunds, so please be super sure you are going to attend before you sign up. If you have to cancel, do so before July 1, 2017 because, refunds will not be issued after July 1, 2017, meaning, there will be no cancellations refunds after July 1, 2017.   Is this conference right for me? This conference is for any K-6 educator or future educator that loves kids, is passionate about teaching, loves teaching kids, loves technology and social media, loves connecting and learning with other positive and forward thinking educators, believes that together we are stronger, believes that in the classroom everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher, and that teachers have the power to change education for the greater good and #makeadifference in the lives of students every single day!

at Raleigh Convention Center
500 Salisbury Street
Raleigh, United States

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