Guide To Aquarium Fish Diseases

Many aquarium fish die from easily-preventable diseases than any other cause. In order to ensure your tank is healthy and free of diseases then your starting point should always be to ensure your tank water is good quality. Poor quality water can mean overcrowding, or too many fish in one tank or irregular cleaning or even incorrect pH levels of the water itself.

Poor water quality can mean too many fish in the same tank, which means your ammonia levels will be too high for them to live comfortably. It can also mean incorrect temperature levels. Other reasons for disease in aquariums can be introducing a new fish with an existing disease from the store into your tank.

Typical Aquarium Fish Diseases:

Fin Rot: If you notice any of the edges of your fishs fins beginning to look frayed or jagged, then your fish may have fin rot. This bacterial infection usually afflicts injured fish with suppressed immune systems or sometimes stressed fish living in overcrowded conditions.

White Spot: White spot presents as tiny white dots on your fishs scales. These dots arent fungus or bacteria. Theyre actually parasites called Ichtyopthirius and they attach themselves to your fishs scales so they can eat the soft flesh beneath. This can make your fish quite sick and even kill them, so be sure you monitor your fish carefully for signs of white spot.

Hole In The Head: Tiny dimples or dents on the sides of your fishs heads can indicate that your water levels are incorrect. Hole in the Head is thought to be caused by unbalanced water levels. Check your aquariums nitrate levels and adjust your tanks water immediately. If necessary, change the water as well and be sure the temperature is correct to reduce stress levels of your fish.

Fungus: Fungal infections often appear as little puffy white growths that look like tiny bits of cotton stuck to your fish. Usually these fluffy growths appear at or around the site of a wound. Its important to keep the water in the tank clean to avoid this fungus spreading to other fish.

Fish living in well-maintained aquariums suffer very few illnesses. However tanks that arent cleaned, regulated and monitored regularly can easily spread several diseases among your fish, killing most of them or at least making them very ill. Always remember that fish naturally live in balanced ecological conditions, so try to keep your aquarium as close to those natural conditions as you can and you should enjoy healthy fish for a long time to come.

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