FULL BLOWN – The Ultimate PUMP UP Motivation

FULL BLOWN - The Ultimate PUMP UP Motivation

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    • avatar HealthHulk 1

      Him, Flex Wheeler, and Shawn Ray were the best bb of the 90's hands down. Fuck them big, blocky blokes like Yates and Dillet.

      • avatar Carlos L Navea 1

        One more let's go…my Respect for that man

        • avatar Shabany 93 1

          Who the fuk is Phil Heath?!?!?!?!?

          • avatar KalzFTL 2

            Great video, song title?

            • avatar GOING TO THE TOP NO STOP 1


              • avatar John Fitzsimons 1

                Epic video

                • avatar carlos cuyas 0

                  who the fuck dislikes? this is fucking amazing

                  • avatar neg0t 1

                    SHABOOM BABY! Maryland Muscle Machine showing how its done!

                    • avatar Martin King 1

                      love this!

                      • avatar andrea vittiglio 1

                        Love your videos!! Guys , Kevin is the best , no matter what ! Balance, size , a lot of power and also he is so fucking carishmatic ! A truly muscle machine. The best of all time .

                        • avatar Milo morelli 0

                          Damn you Makaveli just finished training and you upload this piece of gold haha

                          • avatar I'm here to scoop I'm not here to talk 0

                            love this movie! get those carbs in baby!

                            • avatar Partierocking 1

                              Was a bit down today, but a new Levrone video always makes me wanna kill the weights! Thanks Makaveli, much love