Frogs are Friends: Ponds and Puddles in the Garden

Frogs are Friends: Ponds and Puddles in the Garden
Event on 2017-06-10 09:30:00
One of the key components of a habitat garden is water. Be it a bird bath, a fountain, a constructed “seep” with water and mud for butterflies, or a small pond, you will provide a water source for the birds and the bees, as well as a myriad of creatures including fish (obviously), and amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts), an even reptiles and mammals. We all need water.

Come learn from one of our most popular workshop speakers, Dr. Leon Baginski, the benefits of having living water in your garden. Leon will discuss how to build and keep a pond, including care and maintenance of its resident flora and fauna. He has spoken here many times about beneficial pollinators and now you can hear about our moisture loving friends who will also make your place their home if you give the the right environment.

at Tree of Life Nursery
33201 Ortega Highway
San Juan Capistrano, United States

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