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Our Introduction
We will plan and execute the wedding you have been dreaming of since childhood. It's time for every perfect wedding dream of yours to turn into reality. You've finally found 'The One' and decided to tie the knot, and we would love to be a part of your experience and make it an extravagant experience you can cherish a lifetime. It happens once and it has to happen big!
From bride to groom, sajna to savarna, nikah to I do, doli to Bidaai, mehendi to shehnai, sangeet to after party, Dubai Wedding Planners will plan it for you in a way like no other.

As wedding planners we know your wedding is not merely an occasion to be dolled up or just about the colors in it, but it is about the infinite sentiments and emotions pouring every second of it and the colors that will fill their shades in every inch of your soul and through a lifetime.
Have you thought of a solid wedding with dhoom dhamaka or a wedding with serenity, simplicity and style? Did you imagine it to be like the Aladdin adventures in the middle of a desert surrounded in the middle of nowhere or like Cinderella in a classy ballroom surrounded between elegance?
Whatever it may be, we Dubai Wedding Planners do it all!

Preparation to Implementation, Wedding Conceptualization, Traditional and Authentic Cake Tasting, Unique Theme and Decor Creation, Production and Technicals Management, Desert Tents in the Sands of Dubai, In-house Catering Team that will tantalise your tastebuds, Budget Management, Vendor Management, Jaw Drop Entertainment, Venue Selection, Sangeet and Henna Props, Transportation Services, Hair and Makeup Artists, Hotel and Room Arrangements, Honeymoon and Tour Packages.

This would include everything from scratch to reception. Invitations, venue bookings, AV and decor, cake tasting to dress fittings; wedding scheduling, budget management, bridal make up and styling, transportation, entertainment, couple photo-shoot, wedding photographer so on and so fourth - this list is as exhaustive as it gets but the gist of it is we have got everything covered. It's a promise.

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