Dr Samantha Hornery – Surviving Homework with your ADHD Child – Assignment & Study Skill Strategies

Dr Samantha Hornery - Surviving Homework with your ADHD Child - Assignment & Study Skill Strategies
Event on 2017-06-06 18:45:00
Homework, assignments and exam study are a challenge for all children and adolescents, involving independent planning, research, writing, and presentation skills.  For a child or adolescent with ADHD, these challenges are compounded by their need for support in completing these tasks and the time required to work independently.  I am sure everyone can share a horror story of tears, tantrums and torn paper – and that’s just talking your child into starting!  As a teacher and tutor, I have seen my share of project dramas and often come in at the end to put it all together.  One hour to complete a project that needed at least 10 more is a mean feat indeed!  At this presentation Samantha will share some pointers on how to survive completing schoolwork at home and provide your child with strategies to work more independently. Dr Samantha Hornery is a primary and special education teacher who has worked in school and community settings teaching, developing, and managing educational programs for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.   Samantha completed a doctorate in 2011 evaluating Learning Links’ volunteer administered reading program and was awarded the NSW Institute for Educational Research Outstanding Thesis Award in 2012.  In 2014 Samantha appeared in the ABC documentary, Kids on Speed? helping children diagnosed with ADHD manage educational gaps in their learning.  Samantha designs and implements professional development opportunities for teachers and allied health professionals working in schools, private and community settings supporting children and young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. Check out Samantha's website at: http://www.samanthahornery.com

at Pittwater RSL Club
Foley St (cnr Mona Vale Rd)
Sydney, Australia

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