1. Jimmy Rustles Jimmy Rustles

    He's a Big Guy

  2. Lisa Lisa

    Ironically, I'm doing a 12 point font, double spaced, 3 page analysis essay on this speech for tomorrow.

  3. Andrés Esté Andrés Esté

    We're actually taught to be creative.

    However, we're taught to be creative "this way".

  4. Donald Trump Donald Trump

    And thats why I quit school, today's education system is a JOKE! all they care about is your $$$ period

  5. sebastian morgan sebastian morgan

    Fml my last day of high school was literally yesterday why has it just come on my recommended

  6. ChaoticWaffle12 _ ChaoticWaffle12 _

    I used to love Science
    Then I got a teacher in over his head who basically just assigned 2000 word papers due by the end of the week based on nothing he taught but instead what we researched ourselves.
    I USED to love Science

  7. Armored Personnel Carrier Armored Personnel Carrier

    This comment thread is filled with a lot of people saying how this video justifies their poor performance in school. Perhaps that is true. But what you need to understand is that there is a difference. I do believe this speaker is correct, but at the same time if one decides to depart from traditional school, you also need to be doing something else with yourself. If you have taken more time to pursue your passion like the dancing girl, then great. If you just slacked off in school and you're complaining on a youtube video, then you have fucking work to do.

  8. Oreste Gallo Oreste Gallo

    This guy's got jokes.

  9. Cookie Kitten Cookie Kitten

    ahem yes they do

  10. TrendingNL TrendingNL

    Did no one notice Jeff Bezos at 14:57 ?

  11. barış yavuz barış yavuz

    Absolutely love it.I have been thinking of what should ı do for the future for a while. This speech gives me inspiration.

  12. ivan dali noriega piña ivan dali noriega piña

    It is an interesting opinion of the school

  13. Chris Bako Chris Bako

    We need paper pen pals.

  14. Yunus Aktaş Yunus Aktaş

    "Hikaye anlatıcısının sırrı"n dan gelen var mı ?

  15. Lara Dolloff Lara Dolloff

    I'm homeschooled. Honestly, I love it! I love learning new things everyday and understanding the world better. I think schools do kill creativity, if I went to public school I probably wouldn't love learning as much as I do being homeschooled. I'm glad my parents decided to homeschool me.

  16. Finley Castello Finley Castello


  17. NadieNobdy NadieNobdy

    You make me feel better about being a bad student. Is that a good thing?? hmmm.

  18. Andrea Darcy Bailey Andrea Darcy Bailey

    Great video! I love watching alternate views on education.

  19. Hugh Adams Hugh Adams

    Education may kill creativity but it is still one of the most important things!!! Without education the community would die off because there will be no more good engineering for the necessary things for life. Don't stare at your homework contemplating wether you should do it or not!


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