Destroying Ants With Natural Pesticides

Ants appear to be pretty innocuous to most people. In most temperate climates, ants do very little damage, although red ants bite people all over the planet. However, there are more serious ants in warmer countries and some of these ants can even be responsible for hospitalzations and even a few fatalities. Red ant bites itch and even hurt, but imagine a baby falling onto a red ant nest.

What if that infant fell onto a fire ant nest or a red carpenter ant nest? Carpenter ants can be an inch (25 mm) long and a bite can draw blood. There are poisonous ants in South America and exploding ants in Southeast Asia, although they will not kill humans. Soldier ants are quite frightening too. In fact, the amount of dangerous ants in the warmer countries can be worrying.

Indeed, only two weeks ago, my male dog was covered in large red welts all over his stomach and under carriage. He was clearly in a lot of pain when he walked and was off his food. It has been very hot here in Thailand this summer because the monsoon was behind schedule, so he probably dug a shallow hole in the earth to keep cool. He was probably attacked by ants while he was napping, but could not shake them off. He was in a very bad way for three days.

Some ants are vegetarians but others will happily eat meat, if it is on offer. Most ants will eat dead insects and small, dead animals. Some will also assault fit animals, including humans, if they feel threatened.

One trouble is that insects can become immune to chemical controls and sometimes this resistance is localized, so it is better not to use chemicals if you can do anything about it. Chemicals can also present a danger to children, which makes storing them and using them even more risky.

Boric acid is a by-product of boron which is a natural product. Boric acid is extremely good at destroying insects that take food back to their colonies, so this includes ants and termites. It can be mixed with sugar and water to make it more appealing to ants or can be spread around the garden with no danger. It is risk-free to children and pets alike.

Cayenne pepper is another deterrent-cum-killer. Grow your own cayenne peppers, liquidize them and add to boiling water, then spray over ants and ant runs when it has cooled. It will not eradicate a colony, but it will stop foraging ants.

Corn meal is a way of ant and cockroach control. Sprinkle it about and when the insects consume it, it will expand up with their digestive juices and cause them to blow up. Not very nice, but gratifying all the same.

There are other biological remedies for destroying or deterring insects too, some are favourites of one country or local people. Why don’t you ask around the older people where you live and find out what their parents used to make use of to control ants and other insects the natural way?

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