DEET Free Insect Repellents: The Need To Start Using Them Now!

There are a lot of questions surrounding the effects of insect repellents on your health. People have misconceptions about them and are often misled by the false claims by the major advertisers about their toxic products. One debate would be on which varieties of insect repellents are safe and sound to use on your infant. Most say that identical repellents are usually applied by grownups. Another would be that repellents that contain as many as thirty percent DEET or picaridin, once your infant is two months old should be used. And lastly, natural items and bug repellents that are DEET free and safer to use on your infants.

Yet another suggestion that we noticed on these baby sites was just about funny. Here is one instance: “Dressing up your infant in light-colored clothing that protects as much skin as you can will help guard him from insects. Steer clear of bright colors or flowery designs.” So, in the summer, dress your infant in uninteresting, full length clothing? I don’t think so. As an alternative, let your kid be cool & homey in the most current fashion and use natural, valuable insect repellent. Keep the insects and the chemicals apart for sure!

A lot of people are very concerned about what type of insect repellent they can actually put on their child. Most of them are actually safe to use for your children. If you think back to the permethrin that we treated clothes with, permethrin is actually the active ingredient in children’s shampoo that is used to treat for head lice, so that can be actually applied directly to a child’s skin. The family deet products are also very much safe for children? I don’t think so. Even he center for disease control, and the EPA both say that you can apply deet to a child after two months of age? Are you kidding me? They are giving such false opinions.

Bear in mind that organic insect repellent alternatives are out there and have turned out to be increasingly more efficient. A number of of them have to be reapplied each and every 20 minutes or so, while others last up to 12 hours. Constantly read the label, but for the most part, you can safely use on skin, clothes, furniture, etc. to push away insects. Some are even so successful they kill insects on contact. There are a lot of natural insect repellent that are safe to use and are as effective. Go ahead and try a sample bottle today and experience the difference it can do to your health and wellness.

The most repeatedly noted signs of DEET poisoning in children are lethargy, severe headaches, tremors, reflex movements, seizures, and convulsions. If I were a mother, I would not take that chance. One more professional recommendation that we observed on these baby sites was just about humorous enough. Here is one example: “Dressing up your child in light-colored garments that covers as much skin as possible will help guard him from pesky insects. Stay away from vibrant colors or flowery designs.” So, in the summer months, dress up your infant in boring, full length outfits? I think not. As an alternative, let your little one be trendy & comfy in the most current style and use non-toxic, valuable repellent. Keep the pests and the chemicals away for sure!

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