Daring Greatly to Unlock Your Creativity with Brené Brown | Chase Jarvis LIVE | ChaseJarvis

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  1. Lorena Valencia Lorena Valencia

    This was great!

  2. Damian Rybicki Damian Rybicki

    'When you don't care at all what anyone thinks, you lose your capacity for connection; when you are defined by what people think, you lose the courage to be vulnerable'
    I just realised that these words correspond with what Brene says later on. She talks about leaders having the dilemma of being vulnerable, but not too vulnerable. That is why vulnerability seems so terrifying. People associate vulnerability with total openness, one that shows absolutely everything about you as if being vulnerable meant 'I will let you decide what you to do with my weakness and act in total accordance with your decision'. The equation vulnerability – boundaries = no vulnerability is so vital to understand that. You have to have boundaries, inner guardians of your mental well-being. Vulnerability allows you to open up, so that you do your work to the best of your knowledge and abilities, but boundaries are there to remind you what feedback is necessary to improve your performance and what feedback is aimed at your sense of worth, functioning in that respect as a bullet speeding up to destroy the force (creativity – which comes from being vulnerable) which brought you to the front in the first place. Boundaries are filters. They are a must-have you cannot get at half-price when the sales storm in. You build them on your own. In my opinion, this is essential to understand the quote I wrote at the beginning:
    When you don't care at all what anyone thinks, you lose your capacity for connection –> invite people's opinions for an open inner discussion with your values, needs, preferences, life goals, drive
    when you are defined by what people think, you lose the courage to be vulnerable –> don't allow people's opinions to decide what the things you do mean to you; instead, look carefully at what you find really useful and apply it to improve your work and increase satisfaction from that work/what you do, and then discard anything else that discourages you to continue being your true self. If you are defined by what people think, you are actually seeking their approval allowing their ego to grow and your self-esteem to be destroyed. And you are doing it yourself, always! If you don't have boundaries, of course!

  3. Minimezzo Minimezzo

    I could listen to Brene all day long. What an awesome human <3

  4. Gretchen Keifer Gretchen Keifer

    I cannot believe how much I absolutely NEEDED this!! I'm SO THANKFUL to you guys who made this possible for me to listen to and watch!!
    This woman is amazing and the world NEEDS her!!!
    Xo Gretchen Keifer

  5. 38alvita 38alvita

    this vedio spoke straight to my heart !!! amazing … heart touching healing … thank you

  6. Anna Bee Anna Bee

    I wish you would caption your videos 🙁 There are so many people who don't have access to such amazing conversations.

  7. MeetNicoleJolie MeetNicoleJolie

    Creative Live!! They are awesome!

  8. Nastasja Scott Nastasja Scott

    This is some deep stuff and indeed a lot of quotable moments, they are definitely going on my wall

  9. Sandy Stare Sandy Stare

    I love her raw real talk. Our world IS driven by fear and personally I am so done with it!

  10. rackinfrackin rackinfrackin

    (17:00) Theodore Roosevelt's brilliant "daring greatly" quote about the man in the arena and his critics. One of the all time great inspirational quotes.

  11. Athena Pina Athena Pina

    I really love your video style and advice. Keep it up!!

  12. Élie Bernier Élie Bernier

    God she's brilliant!

  13. Becky Rhodes Becky Rhodes

    Brene and Chase….check out a book called "Orbitting the Giant Hairball". It was written by a guy I worked with at Hallmark. He is no longer living, but he really dealt in this book with the issues of creativity in schools and workplaces. It is a charming book that really has spoken to me.
    Becky Rhodes

  14. Stacey Smith Stacey Smith

    Man, the world doesn't have any idea how broken it is and we are looking for the answers is all the wrong places, and such limiting places for that matter!!

  15. Rebecca Hornbeam Rebecca Hornbeam

    Thank you Brene and Chase for this…….Super inspired by your interviews x


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