1. nikki webster nikki webster

    Had me in tears but because I am half British, Half Italian, Half Dutch and half French. Yes I'm a big lady…jokes apart I loved this talk but is that because of my background? How many in the audience really understood the humour in the talk? It's about knowing your audience but when you have a multiculti audience how do you position your humour? without offending anyone or sounding too 'schadenfreude' – an area I thoroughly enjoy!


    He's good

  3. Athena Brown Athena Brown

    In American culture, you take the wheel off the car to avoid not having your car outside the line. The traffic cop wants to give you a ticket anyway. You refuse and take it to court. It gets picked up in the local news and gets broadcast all over the internet where tens of thousands of self-identified social commentators (and a few self-identified attack helicopters) have something to say about it, along with a handful of youtubers. The case gets appealed to the state supreme court. From here, numerous memes have been made, and people start taking sides. It now becomes an argument between individual liberty and oppressive government, as the case gets appealed to the US supreme court. Shock waves are felt across the country as the 5 to 4 ruling is made in favor of the most insidious and horrible side of the argument (which is always the side opposed to yours), proving that racism and sexism are "alive and well" in our white supremacist patriarchal male privilege objectifying something something state. Massive protests, people block traffic, "All Tires Matter", and by this time we're electing our umpteenth anti-Christ who will surely bring the final days of our country.

    Did I skip anything?

  4. Rob Gravelotte Rob Gravelotte

    Thank you for a very good talk, also a good show. Am preparing a lecture on intercultural sensitivity for my students, and apart from the content (especially the curiosity message) you inspire me to put together a really good show!

  5. Tarun Mckkrs Tarun Mckkrs

    Hey I am  Tarun from India  currently preparing on the cross cultural training your session will be of a great help…please keep on updating more videos….You are  the best….

  6. Paxinah Kaseba Paxinah Kaseba

    Great work pellegrino

  7. Linda Leijten Linda Leijten

    Our studycoaching lecturer made us watch this (I'm in an international course in the Netherlands), and I just rewatched this because I will never forget the whole complaining thing. It's really just a matter of how you go about certain characteristics. Really opened my eyes, and I can't wait to see more of the world asap. Thank you for sharing!

  8. April Banks April Banks

    Top notch quality would watch again 5 out of 5 1/2 kinda boring at some moment

  9. Keith Colangelo Keith Colangelo

    Thanks for practical help understanding this topic.

  10. Topo Gigio 64 Topo Gigio 64

    The walk in the forest thing is bullshit and offensive: I'm Italian and it didn't even cross my mind the mafia connection. Maybe his father didn't feel like walking in the forest, tha's all. What you wouldn't do for a cheap laugh…

  11. Charlie Mätur Charlie Mätur

    this is great!

  12. Yasaa Moin Yasaa Moin

    this guy was really good

  13. AdrealineMethylene AdrealineMethylene

    I'm actually glad that our English teacher chose to have us prepare our exam by watching this vids. Second run and still finding it efficient (straight to the point) and funny 🙂

    (FYI I'm a postgraduate student in Supply Chain management and we've covered the negociation and cultual differences in business environnement) 🙂

  14. Mari D. Gonzalez Mari D. Gonzalez

    Great talk. I can hear his Italian accent.


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