Creativity Coaching Basics

Creativity coaching is a valuable tool to help individuals, small groups, and businesses expand their creative potential. Creativity coaching is about getting your creative goals back on track. Creativity coaching is about helping you follow your bliss. It’s about finding meaning in your life or more accurately put “making meaning”

Coaching can help nourish your soul with creativity and help you overcome problems like depression, procrastination, performance anxiety and writers block. A Creativity coach can also help as an external authority a bit like a personal fitness trainer to help push you to your creative goals.

Creative people usually have an existential philosophy, which drives them to create and find meaning in their lives. They are also susceptible to issues like depression, anxiety and blocks.

Creativity Coaching is available to help artists and creative souls live a more fulfilled creative life free from anxiety and depression. It is also there to help people of all walks of life reconnect with there creative side

Your Creative life will be transformed with Creativity Coaching and you will become the creative being you were born to be. Creativity Coaches are a bit like a fitness coach or life coach, but their focus is only on the creative work and projects that you do or would like to do. Creativity Coaches help you to develop artistic and humanistic talents and have helped hundreds of creative souls just like you to accomplish their dreams and help them understand and push past the creative blocks that stand in the way of their creative work or projects. They inspire creatives to think bigger and work more productively and to develop ideas and feelings into meaningful projects and also help people to overcome the doubts, fears, anxieties, and worries that so often hinder the creative mind. A creativity coach will listen, educate, and nourish so that the creative work evolves and shines.

For a free session in Creativity Coaching contact Tom Binns at the Creativity Practice.

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