Creating Your Own Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are those bits of thought, ideas, and statements, which are consistently repeated to yourself over a period of time, to implant them in your mind as a future source of inspiration for achieving personal growth and happiness. When you embed these constructive thoughts into your subconscious mind, youll be guided and assisted by those bits of information, in a preset direction to achieve future goals and desires.

Most of us are born with negative attitudes, beliefs and undesirable traits, and in the course of time, we may also develop additional negative aspects as a result of the environment around us and people we develop relationships with. But by using positive affirmations, you can get rid of those negative thoughts and perceptions and replace them with beneficial traits and other parameters.

Affirmations can help us in many ways like:

1. We can be our own guide to instruct our mind and body to act in a predefined manner. This helps us to control our own destiny and life.

2. We can also break all obstacles and barriers, which are standing between us and our future goals.

3. We can easily focus on our goals and achieve the impossible.

4.They make us better people and empower us with a better personality, which is socially acceptable.

5. We can also overcome fear of failure; instead ensure mental toughness to achieve our goals.

Though they may not give you all that you wanted in your life like a magic genie, you can still create a favorable ambience, in which you can find fresh opportunities to get success in life. Though you can not become a super human being, you can still be confident, authoritative, self sustaining, and socially responsible. Another added bonus is your ability to lead a life of good habits and nice mannerisms.

There are also many other methods by which we can write our own affirmations:

1. Always create a text which is directly related to your problems.

2. Use these scripts regularly to embed them into your subconscious mind. Preferably it must be a part of your life in the future.

3. Create a handy script note of all the affirmations you want to talk to yourself. Carry that list with you wherever you go.

4. Start and end your day with the list from number 3; it is always better to recite them whenever you find time.

5. Let each affirmation be simple and straight, with simple but powerful words.

6. Never use negative words.

7. Be personal and add a tinge of emotions. Being emotional helps you to achieve your goals in a quick time.

8. Visualize the outcome, as you recite your lines. Act as if you have already reached your goals.

Whatever you do, never stop reciting those beautiful words of positive affirmations; this may help you even, if you do not have any goals to achieve in the future. There are countless ways of taking the control of your life, but are perhaps the most authentic method to create a good person out of you.

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