Choosing The Best Speed Reading Software

Finding the best speed reading software for your needs is much easier now with the presence of several online resources dedicated to assessing and reviewing various speed reading software.

The Advantages of Mastering Speed Reading

Speed reading skills are universally beneficial and a person with such skills can absorb huge chunks of data in a very short period. With speed reading skills, a person can cut down on the amount of time invested in essential reading. It also allows them to soak up a larger amount of data in a given period of time.

Students, busy professionals and those engaged in some form of research require the best speed reading software available. Such pursuits typically demand going through large number of books, articles and journals in search of specific information. In other words, academic or research oriented reading requires a different set of skills when compared to general reading or reading for entertainment purposes.

When reading for entertainment, we typically take in every word, sentence and paragraph. This allows us to immerse ourselves in the narrative and derive maximum pleasure. However, when we use the same kind of reading methods in academic or work reading, we end up wasting valuable time on supplementary and superfluous data instead of focusing on core arguments and data.

Speed Reading Software

Speed reading software have evolved over the years to present better and more effective techniques for learning speed reading. For example, many of the first software programs followed a training curriculum that taught users to narrow their focus to eliminate wasting time on peripheral data.

One popular method of doing so was a series of exercises that required users to concentrate on the center of the screen. As the exercise progressed, the lines of text around the focal point grew longer, requiring increasing levels of concentration. Other exercises required the user to follow multiple objects without moving their heads.

However, the latter method has been criticized by a number of educationists and learning experts who claim that practicing with pieces of text is the only truly effective method of learning to speed read.

The newer kinds of speed reading software mainly focus on directing learners through pieces of text that they are expected to absorb at certain predetermined speeds. In many of these programs, phrases are successively highlighted to help learners focus their eyes more easily.

Such teaching techniques stress the importance of viewing the words as complete images rather than trying to read by pronouncing the words.

This helps increase concentration levels and also eliminates the habit of sub vocalization which is believed to be one of the major reasons for slower reading speed.

The ever growing popularity of computer based learning aids have led to the creation of several types of reading software, both commercial as well as freeware. A major advantage of speed reading software over traditional speed reading programs is their highly interactive nature.

The best speed reading software typically engage the mind in multiple ways allowing users to develop their speed reading skills at a much more rapid rate than when they follow the traditional methods of learning.

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