Character: a Central Element in the Development of Self, Voice and Mind

Character: what can we say about character and how does it fit into development of self, voice and mind? Character defines a person, yet it has many elements externally and internally. Our character makes up our moral fibers, which includes our individuality, atmosphere, integrity, spirit, disposition, personality, temperament, quality of life, nature, and our person as a whole. Despite that all of these traits relate, we must venture to develop us as a whole and not a part.

How do we develop character?
Our character is developed all throughout our lifetime. However, when we look inward and leave our external persuasion, thus we can develop our human as a whole. The game of development is all about self-reliance, soul-seeking, and gaining personal development. Notice personal, soul, and self-reliance as stand-a-lone words that do not include others developing us as who we are. It is ok however to ask for help.

To commence with development of voice, self, and mind, think of your personality and how you see it now, are you eccentric? Are you introverted? Discover what type of personality you have and then move to define this person.

For example, if you are eccentric do you believe that you have unusual traits? Do you feel like an oddball? Do you feel weird or strange when in a social arrangement?

Down through the years, society has labeled eccentric people as unusual, weird, etc, and it is because they do not conform to the so-called normal way of thinking or behaving in public.

These influences have to go. These stereotypes and control freaks has set the mark for underdevelopment, which is opposite of what you want to do. Therefore, you must venture into your subliminal mind to explore who, what, when, how, etc made you feel as though you are peculiar. Eccentric personalities has much more to give that most people realize and these people often develop their voice, mind, and self to a larger degree than average. Therefore, your efforts to achieve development of voice, mind and self may not become as struggling as those with stereotyped minds, judgmental minds, etc.

Here is your label: An unconventional person with whimsical ways. Here is your truth. You are original rather than fabricated. You are someone that enjoys talking and may find some area of fascination in arts. Thus, you have different perceptions, thus making you a person most likely willing to go to all lengths to find truths before you express fictional opinions or philosophies to others.

You see a unique person here, not a weirdo. If people must label you as weird, thus ask them to examine themselves, because weirdo is someone that molests children, or along this category.

But what if I am an introverted person?
According to society or judgers in the world, thus you are someone interested in self, find it difficult to socialize, shy, and easily intimidated. You are someone caught up in your own thoughts rather than the thoughts of others. The label is politically incorrect.

Remove those labels, because you are out to define you. No one else has the power even to come close to stating who you are. Only you can define your character. You must turn inward to define who you are, and one of the best tools you can use is called subliminal learning.

Floyd Bogart

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