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    MEDICAL STUDENTS! Check out our Medical Terminology Mastery Course Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxifB4_GILI

  2. SoapyGlobe SoapyGlobe

    God damn you talk to much get to it please?

  3. Anthony Metivier Anthony Metivier

    Great demonstration!

  4. Alberto Marlboro Alberto Marlboro

    me 2

  5. elewint elewint

    It's not buffering past 6:03 , is that happening to anyone else? It's not my internet connection.

  6. tonyskarsten tonyskarsten

    you are brilliant! 

  7. henry12h henry12h

    tell me does it work for learning languages ?
    now i learn chinese so i have to memorize 3000 characters in orden to be able to read chinese

  8. Sachin Malik Sachin Malik

    Brian, you could also see them in action, always. And in that sequence. Dog jumping into the Van or pulling the Van… see Dog first and then the Van. Works for me… always. All the best!

  9. Joyce Joyce

    When you do it is each card an individual character, or do you do combination of features? Like would you remember Queen of Hearts as a bear and a 3 of Hearts as a beer can, or would you remember the Queen of Hearts as a Red bear and a 3 of Hearts as a red can?

  10. Emergency Bacon Emergency Bacon

    That's a good example, but Derren Brown is a magician at heart and I have a good feeling he's not giving everything away in that video. He's got such an incredible mind that it wouldn't surprise me if he was doing something as well as the memory palace thing.

  11. Ahmed Kamiss Ahmed Kamiss

    Hey DoubleR2591, I have decent long term memory too but coming from somebody who has very bad short term memory, I am telling you man, its as important as long term memory. Its like a computer RAM and ROM. imagine how slow the computer will be if it has a small RAM!

  12. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    I will show you exactly how I do it on my other channel: aemindmemory .. Make sure to subscribe to that one.. Briefly what you do is create subfiles under a major file.. Example: for a couch.. You can choose 5 points on that couch as subfiles..

    The Left arm rest is your first subfile, the cushion where you sit on is the second subfile, the top part of the couch is the 3rd subfile, the right arm rest is the 4th subfile, and the leg of the couch is your 5th subfile..

  13. Brian Mak Brian Mak

    hey, how do u memorize multiple objects in 1 file without messing up the sequence of the object?
    lets say, u r going to memorize a dog, and a red van using the couch, how do u know which one, the dog or the van, comes first when u "see" the couch??

  14. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    It is recommended that you have multiple mental palaces.. I have about 1000+ Empty Files.. and you can still reuse the same mental files over and over.. I try no to use the same exact files back to back to memorize things.. I use different "palaces" to practice my memorizing skills.. Walk around your local shopping center with many stores, and use that create a few hundred new Mental Files..

  15. AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel AE Mind Academy | Luis Angel

    @DoubleR2591 Glad to hear that you have a good Long Term Memory.. You see, Memorizing a Deck of cards isn't about Cards at all.. People get that misunderstand that all the time.. IT's all about the techniques and skills needed to memorize that deck of cards.. You can use those Techniques both for Short term and to Enhance Long term memory.. So that you can easily access and retrieve the information that you Memorized, later on down the road..


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