Can You Treat Carbohydrate Addictions With Amino Acid Therepies?

Could one heal alcohol addiction with alternative medicine, simply by using amino acid dietary supplements? Well, the Amino Acid Information Center might have an answer!

the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that the majority of adults can use alcohol in measured [portions without any negative effects. However, eighteen million people in the U.S can be considered to be persons with alcohol dependency or have alcohol related problems.

The most popular therapy alternatives consist of alcohol treatment centers and a small number of medications. But could all-natural supplements like amino acids turn out to be a treatment for alcohol addictions?

If you believe in the highly specific scientific material in two marvellous publications by Julia Ross, “The Diet Cure” and “The Mood Cure”, this can for sure seem to be the case.

Ross suggests that overeating or binging on alcohol is in fact a form of using food or alcohol as medicating oneself. It is not about having crappy self-discipline… it is because you are low on important brain chemicals that make you emotionally not weak..

Ross says that if people are using alcohol to feel elevated – and the same applies to other food addictions – it is because something is interfering with your nervious system’s capacity to manufacture its own natural brain drugs.

So what? For instance, a on-going stress reduces your natural sedative, stimulant and pain reliever stock piles. When you run out of them, your body wants to feel good and prettey much commands your body to eat processed foods or drink alcohol – do anything that would repair the problem and get you feel balance again.

A continuous use of sugars, alcohol or drugs (even pharmaceutical drugs) can teach your brain not to manufacture those brain chemicals.

“Hey, why should I make these neurotransmitters, when you are feeding me alcohol, doing the job for me,” your brain asks. The more you condition your body with alcohol, the fewer neurotransmitters it produces.

What does this have to do with amino acids? Everything! Your brain counts on proteins, which are the main source for amino acids, and amino acids are what your body takes advantage of.

If you are not feeding your body enough protein, or if you have taught your brain to interfere with the ‘conversion’ process, you start getting cravings. This might lead to an interesting conclusion: consuming amino acid supplements may become a natural treatment for alcoholism and other sugar cravings.

In order to understand how one may use amino acid supplements to eliminate or reduce alcohol cravings and therefore over time cure alcoholism, it’s significant to grasp the role of various brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that impact our mood.

They are a) dopamine and norepinphrine (improve mental focus and energizes you naturally), b) GABA (a Valium/Diazepam like natural sedative and relaxant), c) endorphin (a natural painkiller) and serotonin (helps you sleep and keeps you ‘happy’).

If you have plenty of all four, you are living a balanced life. But if your reserves get depleted, you may resort to overeating and alcohol consumption.

Sharon Cornet is a contributing author for National Nutraceuticals, Inc,. a company focusing on owning and operating various health news portal sites including Medicinal Mushroom Information Center and Amino Acid Information Center.

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