Building self-esteem

Building self-esteem
Self Esteem
Elida was forced into marriage when she got pregnant at 17. Her baby died when she was 14 months old. When her husband found out the baby was ill he left her for another woman.

Elida was forced into marriage a second time. “There are a lot of conflicts in my marriage. I have to hide in the hut. I have to be in the marriage but it’s hard. I’d like to be in a marriage where we didn’t fight, where we’d help each other work, and we raised the children together. I wouldn’t advise anyone to marry young.”

Elida also attends the safe space classes.

“At safe spaces, we learn how to take care of ourselves, how we can avoid diseases. It also builds my self-esteem so that I can raise things with my husband, for example if I need money for food I ask him now.”

Picture: Jessica Lea/Department for International Development

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