Breakthrough Business Marketing

Breakthrough Business Marketing
Event on 2017-06-24 09:30:00
Have you ever asked yourself, how is it that companies like Dropbox, Facebook, Slack, or Xero have built the worlds fastest growing companies while you still have to work at getting people to even look your way? Before you say something like "they had a big budget" ask yourself this: [ NOTE: Also coming to Brisbane (29th-30th April) and Sydney (27th - 28th May) ] When you first heard of Dropbox, was it through a social media advertising, letterbox drop, search engine searches, television or radio advertising, billboards, business cards, flyers, signage, networking, or any of the other methods we are encoraged to do in our own business? I'll bet the answer was something like "no, it was through a friend" or "no, I just heard about it somewhere" The reality is the fastest growing companies of all time have figured something out, something you need to know if you want to grow your business and get more sales in a sustainable fashion and with a high ROI. Daniel has spent two decades honing his skills by working with organisations and helping them grow. Organisations like Translink where he helped increase their traffic from ~500,000 visitors a month to over ~1,000,000 visitors a month. Or the small bookkeeping practice which he helped increase their customer base by 409% which helped them to reach 3,127 in annual revenue. [WATCH THIS:] So what's included in this training event? Workbook with exclusive activities and information to propel your marketing efforts Networking and sales opportunities In depth knowledge of techniques used by the worlds fastest growing companies Case studies Branding and Personal branding Implementable strategies Agile Business & marketing Techniques Social media acceleration And much more... VIP's get all of the above and... Lunch (included in price) with Daniel 45 minute business strategy session Front row seats And much more... Here's what some people have recently said about Daniel: "My mind has been blown! Do growth hacking techniques work? Absolutely." ~ Laura Gervais "I would recommend Daniel to work with you to deliver your online projects" ~ Clarissa Swann (Manager, Online Products and Services, Translink) "Daniel's input, explanations and clear plain English reports made a huge task easy to manage" ~ Dianne Delchau (President, U3A Online) "Continual updates, early warning of possible issues that were addressed very rapidly, and a fantastic outcome" ~ Colin Morris (Giffith University) "I really appreciate that I can walk into a technical seminar and understand what was being communicated" ~ Kate Kuhle (JBS Bookkeeping Services) Don't wait - Buy you ticket and book in the date now! Very Limited Seating!!!

at TBC
142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Road
Melbourne, Australia

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