Brain Exercises – Weird Memory Games To Improve Your Memory

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    • avatar Subod Karki 1

      What are some ways to increase your IQ of 20 points? I read loads of great opinions on the net about how exactly Rotogenflux Methods will help you improve your IQ in a short period of time. Has any one tried this iq course?

      • avatar IncrementTimesTwo 1

        what about programming in programming languages that have strange syntax`s that im not used to.

        or playing games i dont normally play.
        or try to program with my eyes closed.

        • avatar Ian Randolph 1

          Write with my right hand? Preposterous.

          • avatar iqbal khan 1

            Hi Ronnie. I am a school teacher. Can your techniques be applied in an educational setup

            • avatar Robert Alexander 1

              I went through school been in the bottom classes and a teacher even called me 'slow' it has effected me sadly even as many years have passed. i want to change and im not going to accept that I am stupid anymore.

              • avatar c k 1

                think you ronnie

                • avatar Gnaneshwar 1

                  thanks for giving this information sir, your concept about brain function is very good and your a good speaker..

                  • avatar Eduarbot G25B 1

                    don't write with your no dominant hand, I did it and it gets confuse your brain because your brain have a single way to Work, you can Try but be careful i understand with the experience.

                    • avatar allen morgan 1

                      Anybody know what is Rotogenflux Methods
                      about? I hear many individuals increase their IQ of 22 points with
                      Rotogenflux Methods (google search it).

                      • avatar Zohar Tsaba 1

                        Here is another great way to improve memory and exercise your brain.Try this:
                        Your Pictures Memory Game – a personalized memory game (matching game) with your own pictures. Available now on Google Play:
                        Free version, contains add:
                        Paid version, ads-free:

                        It is a memory game with your own pictures. The game is using your own pictures as the cards. So this is great way to watch and explore your pictures while playing the game and exercise your brain.

                        Great quality time you can spend with your kids, grandkids and friends, while looking at each other’s pictures, improve memory and exercise your brain!

                        You can play against time, or click “Stop it!” to play with no rush to enjoy every picture.

                        Can enlarge pictures for full screen by a long-click. Hope you and your family enjoy that game while exercising your brain.

                        Enjoy it!

                        • avatar aleksander wojnarowicz 1

                          Great video! What do you think about meditation and the way it influences memory? Do you practice it, and if you do, would you consider making a video about it? Cheers :)

                          • avatar Haroun Johnstone 1


                            • avatar Fazli Fazal Mohammad 1

                              Thank you your for useful advice and guidance for improving the members.

                              • avatar Chetan V 1

                                u inspire me everyday gr8 tips

                                • avatar paulo ricardo 1

                                  this man is so hot

                                  • avatar Manzoor Husan 0

                                    Im trying to attempt a exam and your video on spaced repitition helped me too much