Attitude Makes a Difference for Natural Weight Loss

The power of positive thinking and a positive attitude for weight loss may be perceived as kind of 'new age' like, or too 'over the top' for those who like to think there's logic and scientific reason behind everything that happens in our lives. The fact of the matter is that studies are being conducted that do indeed validate that there is a difference in brain waves when looking at positive vs. negative thoughts, and there's been several techniques around for years that can show how our muscles and bodies respond to negative vs. positive energy, including muscle testing and applied kinesiology.

A great resource that shows studies on the effects of negative vs. positive thoughts and energy is 'What the Bleep Do We Know?' that can be purchased as a book or video. One astounding example in the video shows the change in water molecules when negative frequencies are introduced. The results can't be denied, and if this can be shown with water molecules, then why is it so hard to believe that our thoughts and attitude impact our own bodies and its several molecules, as well?

And if you still question this way of thinking, look around you. Those with a good attitude typically receive good results, whereas those who are negative and often have a poor attitude tend to attract more of the same. Why? Because we attract what we put out, and the studies and techniques mentioned here help confirm this.

The truth is, without the right attitude and mindset, you are stacking the odds against you to lose weight naturally and keep it off. And attitude impacts everything about our lives, not just weight loss. Any goal that we're trying to achieve, our interactions with others, our work, and so on, are all impacted by our attitude and the type of energy we put out to the world, and it's important that we be mindful of this, because again, we're making our journey towards weight loss much more challenging if we're not aware of the power of attitude and negative vs. positive energies.

In addition, studies have been conducted that verify the impact of the mind on weight loss. A recent study conducted by Harvard showed that by stimulating the mind to focus on positive aspects of a group of hotel attendants' activities to help them lose weight and live more healthy lives did indeed help the attendants lose weight and lower blood pressure compared to the control group that showed no results. More information about this study can be found by reading "'Mind Over Matter' DOES Matter when Trying to Lose Weight".

Basically, if you have a poor attitude towards your weight loss goals and activities, then you might as well not venture down the path of trying to lose weight because you're setting yourself up for failure before you begin. But, if you take this information here to heart, then you can begin to shift your mindset and attitude to ensure it's where it needs to be to help you readily and easily lose weight and keep it off.

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