Aquarium equipment and fish supplies

Tropical fish, corals, plants, invertebrates all can be kept in home tanks but without these supplies they cannot exist. To succeed, you have to create a suitable habitat for your fish, and to do that, you must use the proper tools. Knowing how your aquarium equipment (Fish supplies) works and why you need it will greatly increase your chances of success.

Gravel sold in aquarium shops will usually be chosen for its smooth edges and inert chemical nature. Some substrate (such as coral sand or gravel) used in African cichlid tanks to increase PH level. The gravel size is also important so keep it in mind. When choosing a gravel color keep in mind that it will hide sunken debris more successfully when it black in colorSand as an aquarium substrate is useful with bottom feeding fish with delicate barbells or with fish inhabits such substrate in nature such as fish from the Xenotilapia family.

Most aquarium fish come from warm waters (tropical fish) and need to be kept above room temperature. Aquarium heaters are inexpensive and keep temperatures stable no matter what it’s like outside. Aquarium heater should be considered a critical piece of equipment, just like a filter. Temperature fluctuations often go unnoticed by aquarists and can cause stress to fish and corals. Most heaters include a built-in thermostat to select the optimal temperature for your tank, however, the use of a thermometer to monitor the temperature is highly recommended. Few aquarium heaters are available: Glass heaters, titanium heaters, cable heating system, substrate heaters.

Most gravel vacuums are a wide rigid tube attached to a narrower siphon tube. Gravel vacuums are used when performing water changes to clean part of the gravel while removing the water. Vacuuming part of your substrate while doing water changes is an added bonus. Fish tank gravel vacuums are ideal for all fish tanks that have gravel bottoms and since most do, this piece of cleaning equipment may be perfect for you and your new fish tank. Always remember Gravel vacs are a very important tool for maintaining a healthy tank. Cleaning uneaten food and fish waste from your gravel tank will help to keep your tank in balance and remove toxics from the water.

Fish tank Air Pumps are a reliable source of air for such items as air stones, ornaments and skimmers .Air Pumps are great for adding movement and oxygen to any fish tanks. Aquarium air pumps are available at most pet supply stores, along with tubing and air stones. Aquarium air pumps are an essential part of any aquarium setup. Air pumps will also help give your aquarium tank a more dynamic look when used with action aquarium decorations and nice bubbling air stones. The main purpose to have air pump in your tank is due to the fact that all fish require oxygen to breathe and bacteria require oxygen to break down wastes. Choose a air pump that’s a bit more powerful than you think you need, this way you’re covered if you add more fish later or if you add more aquarium accessories (such as Undergravel filter). There are many air pumps available in the market. You just need to buy one and never underestimate the value of this fish supplie.

Selecting the right fish food is obviously important to the health of your fish. Fish foods normally contain nutrients, trace elements and vitamins necessary to keep your fish in good health, these elements are essential so dont underestimate the importance of purchasing the right fish food. Some fish foods also contain additives such as sex hormones or beta carotene to artificially enhance the color of ornamental fish. Hormones such as ethoxyquin are commonly used. Two or three small feedings a day is better than one feeding per day. Only put in as much food that the fish will consume within 1minute. Flake fish foods come in many different types. Flake fish foods can be a problem for some fish; fish such as Cyphotilapia frontosa can get the float disease just from eating flake food. Flakes usually float on the surface while the fish eat but if you will soak the fish food for a few seconds it will sink immediately. Pellet fish foods come in many different types. They also come in sinking and floating kind. Recommended to soak the pellet fish food for a few seconds

Frozen fish foods come in all sorts of flavors. Frozen fish food can be a problem for some fish, for example, fish consider to be a herbivore will harmed if it will be feed with bloodworms(high in proteins). The same fish can be feed with frozen fish food that is low in protein such as Brine shrimp. Frozen fish food increase breeding and enhance colors. There are a lot of frozen fish food types available in the market: brine shrimp, bloodworms, daphnia, Krill, plankton, silversides, black mosquito larva, white mosquito larva, beef heart, cyclops and more. Algae Wafers were specifically developed for a unique group of fish, catfish and other bottom feeders such as Cory and even for shrimps. This food can be a great addition to herbivore fish as well. If you dont want other fish to feed on these wafers it is recommended to drop the algae wafers at night when the tank lights go off. Dont be worry your bottom feeders will find their way to the wafers. There are also wafers based on meaty food suit for fish such as loaches. Today we can see that many hobbyists feed their fish with live foods. Live foods are the number one source to trigger fish to breed.

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